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In this guided lab brought to you by Next.Tech, you will learn the fundamentals of the Python Language to build the strong necessary foundation for a career in programming or data sience.

25 hours
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Module 1

Python is one of the most loved languages in the developer community. And no wonder! It perfectly walks the line between simplicity and functionality, enabling you to write a quick program all the way up to a massive application. This course will cover fundamental concepts such as Scripts, Syntax, Variables, Operators, Strings, Lists, Booleans, and more!

In this course, you will learn the foundations of the Python programming language. Specifically, this course covers: Basic Python programming language syntax, How to control program logic using iteration and conditionals, Developing concise applications with functions, and Utilizing various data structures.

This course takes a specific approach to guide you through your learning journey. First, you'll be presented with a lesson, in which you'll be introduced to new concepts. Then, you'll be guided through an activity, where you get to apply what you've learned in a real-world situation. Finally, you'll be given a challenge, where you can practice your new skill by solving a problem.

Once you've taken this course, you'll be ready to take the subsequent Intermediate Python course, which expands on this one!


No prior experience is required to take this course.

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Course Components
Virtual Labs to gain hands on experience and apply what you learned
Assessments to gauge understanding and comprehension
Practice Tests to check your knowledge and prepare for certifications
Reading Activities to provide background knowledge and key concepts crucial to the course
Certificate of Completion
Certificate Of Completion

Complete this entire course to earn a Beginning Python Certificate of Completion