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Take a Microsoft certification class from Cybrary and learn the skills needed to use Microsoft tools and applications, and access practice exams to prepare for certifications tied to the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Microsoft Learning

Cybrary’s library offers interactive modules and a large variety of courses for students preparing for Microsoft certification exams. Whether students want to learn command line basic or learn how to install Microsoft 10, these online Microsoft certification courses allow students to take the classes at their own pace to prepare for a new job, exam, or add to their skill set.

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Cybrary’s Microsoft certification courses are taught by experts who have deep experience in their fields. Each instructor offers guidance through the course and can draw on their real-world experiences to help students in their Microsoft exam prep.

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Microsoft Training Vendors

Cybrary has a trusted alliance of vendors to offer students the best Microsoft classes. Cybrary partner with these vendors to provide the top-tier Microsoft exam prep in the industry.

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Cybrary’s Microsoft certifcation training enable students to learn the skills needed to use Microsoft tools and applications for everything from installing Windows 10 to working with object variables in Windows Powershell. Through Cybrary, students can access practice exams to prepare for certifications tied to the Microsoft ecosystem.

Regardless of the industry, it’s hard to find a company that doesn’t use some version of a Microsoft product. Whether a student wants Microsoft exam prep to prepare for the Microsoft certification exam, or they just want to further their Microsoft learning, taking online courses can help.

Beginners can sign up for courses such as command-line basics or Intro to Excel. Intermediate Microsoft users can take courses such as Administrating Windows Servers 2012 or Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016.

Each Microsoft course is broken down into smaller modules, allowing students to take the courses at their own pace. Some students choose to take all the courses in a condensed period of time, where others spread out completing the modules based on their busy schedules.

How do I get Microsoft certification?

Taking Microsoft certification training through Cybrary’s online library can help students earn their certification. Cybrary labels which courses offer a certificate of completion, so students will know before enrolling that they can gain a Microsoft learning certification and consider what they learned Microsoft exam prep.

What’s the first Microsoft certification training course I should take?

If a student is just starting with their Microsoft certification, they can start with the Fundamentals, or previously known as Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA). If a student is prepping for a specific Microsoft exam, then they can filter through Cybrary’s online library to find the course that matches their needs.

What jobs require Microsoft certification?

A multitude of jobs across a vast array of industries can require Microsoft certification.

A Microsoft Certified Professional (MCPs) would work in a company’s IT or software department would fix bugs and install programs. In general, a bachelor’s degree is also preferred for this role in addition to the Microsoft certification. MCP-certified IT managers can earn anywhere from $51,688 to $129,701, according to MCP-certified systems administrators earn $43,135 to $86,234.

While an MCP is more focused on the software, there are more general jobs that companies still prefer a Microsoft certification. Office managers, executive and administrative assistants, an IT support technician, research analysts, and project coordinator roles may all require a Microsoft certification.

How long does it take to get a Microsoft certification?

How long it takes to earn a Microsoft certification depends on how much time the student has and where they choose to earn their certification. A more traditional in-person classroom Microsoft certification course can take anywhere from three to seven days.

For students that want to learn at their own pace, choosing Cybrary can speed up or extend the process. Students can choose a course, then go through the modules in several hours over the course of a couple of days or take a few weeks to complete if they’re busy. The convenience of Cybrary’s online Microsoft certification courses enables students to not have to travel to and from classes and take the modules at a time that works best for them.

What are Microsoft certification benefits?

When students earn Microsoft certification, they gain the skills to make them fluent and more proficient in using Microsoft’s suite of products. This means using all of Microsoft Word’s, Excel, or Powerpoint’s, to name a few, features to create the best documents, charts, or presentations possible. Particularly, when using Excel, it allows the user to better collect and analyze data to make better business decisions.

Obtaining a Microsoft Learning Certification can help students land a coveted job, increase their salary, or better position them for promotions based on their fluency with Microsoft’s programs.

What’s the best way to study for Microsoft certification?

The best way to study for entry level or intermediate Microsoft certifications is to take an online course through Cybrary. Our modules will help students learn the basics, practice skills, and learn how to troubleshoot Microsoft programs and features. By taking interactive modules, students will be able to practical gain skills and study for Microsoft exams and obtain certification.

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