XML and Web Services


The XML & XML Web Services Test is a premium Cybrary assessment test created by iMocha. The test includes questions on the topics like General concepts, Compatibility, Utilities, Comments, Images, Validation, DTD, Linking. The test assesses the XML, HTML and web application skills of the student.

20 minutes
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The XML & XML Web Services Test will help to assess student’s knowledge in XML, HTML, Web Services, SOAP, XPath. The list of topics is important for the roles related to the category of the secure provision of technology(IT) systems. For example, the role of a Web Developer, XML Developer, XML Specialist, XML Designer, Web Services Integration developer, and Research & Development Specialists.

Quick Info

  • Skills: XML, DTD, Web Services, SOAP, HTML, XPATH
  • Time limit: 20 minutes
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Work roles: XML Developer, XML Designer, XML Specialist, Web Service Integation Developer, Web Developer, Research & Development Specialist