The SQLite test is a premium Cybrary assessment test created by iMocha. This assessment helps the student to test their SQLite skills while developing different types of web and mobile apps.

35 minutes
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There are two tests, one is multiple-choice, and the other is in a coding format. The multiple-choice test includes topics like SQLite commands, data types, operators, expressions, constraints, triggers, indexes, views, transactions, injections, etc. The important SQLite commands include create, drop, insert, select, where, and, or, delete, update, like, glob, limit, order by, group by, having, distinct, joins, null, union, truncate, and alter. The coding test includes exercises like creating a table, updating some results, fetching table data, applying some constraints, etc.

Quick Info

  • Skills: SQLite concepts & programming
  • Time limit: 35 minutes
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Work roles: Data Analyst, Database Administrator, Android Developer, iOS Developer, SQLite Developer, Software Developer, Secure Software Assessor