Salesforce CRM


The Salesforce CRM Test is a premium Cybrary assessment created by iMocha. The exam checks the skills of a Salesforce CRM content user in business processes and organizational management with a strong focus on topics related to Workflow Rules and Actions, Sharing Modes, Visualforce Input Tags and Charts, Apex Collections, and Batch Apex.

20 minutes
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The Salesforce CRM Test is intended for students at the intermediate level and has a 20-minute time limit. Having a basic understanding of business processes and operations of customer organizations as they relate to the Salesforce CRM platform is helpful. With this solid foundation of knowledge, the 20-minute timeframe allotted to complete the exam is reasonable even if you need to check on or research a question. Completing the lab will help students develop skills in network systems management as it pertains to end-to-end systems performance monitoring, and integrating and applying policies to meet the objectives of system security. The test will also ensure students understand the functionality of system administration and management for privileged access users. These skills are essential for the Information Systems Security Developer, Systems Requirement Planner, Security Assessor, and Systems Developer work roles. Students will also analyze the needs and requirements of users to help plan and conduct the development of new systems, which is essential for the Salesforce CRM Developer work role. This lab is beneficial for students on the System Developer career path.

Quick Info

  • Skills: Salesforce CRM business processes and operations, network systems management, end-to-end systems performance monitoring, integrating and applying policies, and the functionality of system administration and management.
  • Time limit: 20 min
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Work roles: Information Systems Security Developer, Systems Requirement Planner, Security Assessor, Systems Developer, and Salesforce CRM Developer