JavaScript 6

The JavaScript 6 test is a premium Cybrary assessment test created by iMocha. It is intended for students at the Intermediate level. This assessment helps students to test their JavaScript concepts and programming skills. This test also helps recruiters and hiring managers in assessing the JavaScript skills of candidates.

35 minutes
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The JavaScript 6 test will help to assess student’s knowledge in core JavaScript skills like syntax, variables, operators, conditional statements, looping structures, functions, events, redirects, dialog boxes, strings, arrays, math operations, regular expressions, etc. It also tests advanced JavaScript skills like error handling, validations, animations, debugging, etc. There are two tests, one is multiple choice of 20 minutes, and the other is a coding test of 15 minutes. The multiple-choice test deals with the core and advanced concepts of JavaScript that will help students in preparing for an interview. The programming test will help students in strengthening their coding skills in JavaScript programming that will help the candidate in implementing front-end logic while developing web applications.

Quick Info

  • Skills: JavaScript concepts and programming
  • Time limit: 35 minutes
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Work roles: JavaScript Developer, JavaScript Programmer, Front-End JavaScript Developer, Web Developer