AWS - Basic

AWS Basic test is designed to check the AWS basics skills of AWS developer who has conceptual knowledge of AWS. Topics covered are AWS Applications, TCO Analysis, AWS Service Managers, AWS Services, AWS Recovery Solution, AWS Storage Service. It helps to hire AWS Developer (0-2 yrs of experience), AWS Cloud Engineer, AWS Administrator.

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What is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Assessment Test?

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Basic Test is a premium online Cybrary assessment intended to verify basic knowledge of AWS, including AWS Applications, AWS Recovery Solutions, AWS Service Manager, AWS Services, AWS Storage Service, and TCO Analysis. In other words, the AWS assessment identifies weak areas of knowledge related to Amazon Web Services basics.

The AWS assessment test is performance-based, data-driven, and provides employers with a thorough analysis of candidates who take the test. The assessment consists of 22 multiple choice questions, for which candidates have 50 minutes to complete.

The assessment helps hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates evaluate and verify knowledge and skills of the Amazon Web Services platform. It is a helpful resource for an organization's recruitment process as it identifies candidates who possess the AWS skills and knowledge managers are looking for, even before the interview process begins. Some of the specific roles that may benefit from this AWS assessment include AWS Developer, AWS Cloud Engineer, AWS Cloud Architect, and AWS Administrator.

This assessment is part of a series of Amazon online assessment tests by iMocha designed to validate candidates’ knowledge, skills, and abilities related to virtual machines, developing cloud-based data management capabilities, understanding cloud-based knowledge management, and incident response for cloud services. These skills are important for work roles including IT Project Manager, Product Support Manager, Security Control Assessor, System Administrator, and Technical Support Specialist.

What is Covered on the AWS Online Test?

This Amazon Web Services assessment is a test that focuses on an individual’s knowledge of AWS basics. It was developed and validated by experts in the industry to assess candidates’ competency based on industry standards. More than a simple Amazon work style assessment test or personality test, the AWS online assessment validates test-takers’ understanding of virtual machines (AWS EC2), cloud-based knowledge management, procurement, administration, and governance, and designing incident response for cloud service models.

Why Choose Cybrary for the AWS Online Assessment Test?

Cybrary’s AWS online test was developed and created by iMocha. The test assesses AWS platform knowledge, skills, and abilities of candidates or employees. It’s beneficial for individuals who want to know where they stand with this skill set, but it’s even more beneficial for organizations that are looking to fill IT or cybersecurity positions with qualified employees. Using the AWS test ensures that companies hire well-suited employees for specific roles related to Amazon Web Services. This assessment helps hiring managers to identify ideal candidates who possess the required skills and leadership principles, making hiring decisions simpler, quicker, and unbiased. Narrowing down the list of potential candidates has never been easier. Additionally, utilizing an assessment screening process before hiring means that organizations can save time and money that would have to be used to train inexperienced employees.

At Cybrary, we are dedicated to providing IT professionals and the organizations that hire them with the highest-quality training courses, assessment tests, virtual labs, and practice tests. All courses, labs, online assessments, and tests can be accessed from any location with a laptop and internet connection, making it convenient for organizations and individuals. Let us help enhance your team with our expansive library of online offerings.

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