Oracle online training courses are essential for IT professionals of all types. Learning the skills needed for Oracle’s suite of products prepares you for various certifications in ten categories.

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With Cybrary’s online Oracle training, you will learn vendor-specific skills that will both enhance your career and prepare you for certification exams. We offer several Oracle training courses that provide certification exam prep with hands-on lab environments and practice tests. In the courses, you will learn about Oracle’s applications and services at your own pace, allowing you as much time as needed to reach a level of mastery. Oracle training is a must for IT professionals, as it’s a leading provider of cloud solutions, engineered systems, servers, storage, and of course, database software. Whether you’re just starting an IT career, or you’re an experienced professional who need to earn credentials, Cybrary’s Oracle online classes are perfect.

What is Oracle?

Oracle is a provider of software and hardware solutions that make operations easier for IT professionals and teams. While the company is best known for its database software, it also offers cloud technology solutions, engineered systems, storage, servers, and more. Oracle is a leader in the industry, serving customers in over 175 countries worldwide. As such, the company developed quite an extensive certification program. The program certifies that individuals have the knowledge and skills to use Oracle’s products or services effectively.

Why Get an Oracle Certification?

Earning Oracle’s certifications gives you the most updated vendor-specific skills making you competitive in today’s ever-changing world of technology. It’s a way for you to set yourself apart from other candidates, giving you an upper hand in the job market.

Additionally, Oracle certifications are advantageous because:

  • It validates vendor-specific knowledge and skills to current and future employers
  • It demonstrates commitment to learning and advancing an IT career
  • Oracle certifications are recognized and valued worldwide
  • It improves individual’s potential earning capacity and job opportunities by setting them apart from non-certified candidates
  • It benefits certified professionals’ employers because it will help their systems run efficiently, which leads to business growth and satisfied customers
  • Certification holders receive a secure digital badge to add to social media profiles

What Can You Do with an Oracle Certification?

With Oracle certifications, IT professionals at both entry-level and more advanced levels have more access to career advancements and new positions. Some of the most common jobs that require Oracle certifications include web development, programming, database administration, database management, and other advanced technologies. Certifications from Oracle demonstrate to potential employers that you have proficiency in the skills and knowledge needed to use Oracle technologies and products.

Which Oracle online Training is Best?

Oracle breaks down its certifications into categories and levels. There are ten categories that each have six certification levels to indicate the level of expertise the certified individual has. The levels are Oracle Certified Junior Associate, Associate, Professional, Master, Expert, and Specialist. Certification categories are as follows:

  • Oracle Applications
  • Operating Systems
  • Database
  • Java
  • Middleware
  • Business Intelligence
  • Systems
  • Enterprise Management
  • Virtualization
  • Industries

All of the certifications offered by Oracle are valuable and recognized, providing certification holders with evidence of their proficiency. Choosing one that is best depends on the specific individuals, their level of experience, career paths, and professional goals. The most popular certifications, however, involve knowledge of Java, Database SQL, and PL/SQL Developer skills. They are as follows:

  • Certified Java SE 7 Programmer – Associate level
  • Certified Java SE 7 Programmer – Professional level
  • Certified Java SE 6 Programmer – Professional level
  • Certified Oracle Database SQL – Expert level
  • Certified Oracle PL/SQL Developer – Associate level

Whichever career path and certifications you choose, it’s important to prepare sufficiently for the required exams. Many certification seekers learn Oracle online with an Oracle certification training that includes exam prep, like the courses offered by Cybrary.

How to Get Oracle Training Online?

Oracle is a leading provider of cloud technology products, applications, and services. It’s a collection of tools and solutions that IT professionals need in today’s industry, and it’s comprehensive. There are many ways that you can learn Oracle online, but it’s most effective when it’s taught by experts who use it in their everyday jobs.

At Cybrary, you’ll get comprehensive Oracle online training with instructors who are knowledgeable and experienced using Oracle’s suite of products. All of our courses, including Oracle training, are online, self-paced, and thorough. That means you’re able to sign-on and complete your studies at your convenience. To begin learning about Oracle and preparing for certification exams, simply choose the course you need below and then on the Register button at the top of the page.