The Forensic Toolkit - FTK is widely used among specialists in forensic analysis in various scenarios, including mobile devices and using e-discovery technology. Live Imaging with Live Imaging with FTK Imager Lite is a Cybrary Lab intended for students of Advanced level and teaches to create of a forensic image, process, and verification of its integrity using FTK, these skills are targeted toward Cyber Defense Forensics Analyst.

Upon successful completion of Live Imaging with FTK Imager Lite, the student will be able to create an FTK image, index its data to analyze and verify its viability. Live Imaging with Live Imaging with FTK Imager Lite takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.

The Forensic Specialist must have a variety of knowledge, this laboratory is composed of practical exercises that cover some of the basic needs for the tasks of a forensic expert:

  • Creating a case in FTK, one of the most famous forensic toolkits, is basic knowledge for a cyber defense analyst, and this lab can be a tool resource for ACE - AccessData Certified Examiner certification training. This step includes very relevant details such as how the exact input of the time zone, a configuration that can imply in the acceptance of evidence.
  • The creation of a forensic evidence duplicate ensures that the original evidence is not unintentionally modified.
  • The indexing of the data of an image allows its use for processes of data recovery and analysis, e-discovery and other correlated techniques.
  • Checking the integrity of an image ensures the integrity of the forensic image created. This measure ensures that the image can be used in investigations including as a source for other copies.
  • The use of hashes to document procedures, databases, and the entire forensic process is a security control that validates the integrity of all acquired data.

The use of forensic tool kits is often covered by the CHFI certification - Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, the student can use this lab for preparation to this exam, Cybrary provides a free study guide in preparation for this certification, check our study guides. This lab was developed by Cybrscore, a company highly specialized in realistic training for the development of technical skills in Cybersecurity.

Live Imaging with Live Imaging with FTK Imager Lite is part of Cyber Defense Forensics Analyst path. Completion of Live Imaging with Live Imaging with FTK Imager Lite means that the student has understood how to create and verify a Forensic Toolkit image.

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