Cydefe's Cryptography Capture-the-Flag (CTF) Assessment

1 hour
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CyDefe's Cryptography Assessment

Cryptography is a tool used to protect information in computer systems, privately and securely, without being intercepted by a third party.

In the CyDefe Cryptography CTF Assessment you will dive into the inner workings of a cryptographic system while developing your real world application skills. You’ll test the difference between public and private keys and about the similarities and differences between symmetry & asymmetry.

In the CyDefe Cryptography CTF Assessment, you will also test the concept of integrity and confidentiality and their relationships to/with protocols.

The CyDefe Cryptography CTF Assessment will help you master the basics of Cryptography as you begin to develop the discipline needed to become an accomplished Penetration Tester. Organizations all around the world are training their employees with Cybrary's unlimited pool of virtual labs. Learn with your team and track skill development through performance metrics so you can stay on top in your industry.

About CyDefe

CyDefe was founded in 2015 with a goal to educate others about risks and threats, so they could protect themselves better. CyDefe focuses on providing students with assessments, including CTF (Capture-the-flag) challenges, on a variety of cybersecurity subjects, including ethical hacking. The company’s mission is to help people understand the “cyber world.” Proven to enhance your understanding and skill level, the hands-on assessments provide an efficient and convenient source to further your education on your own time. The catalog is fully browser-based making learning accessible wherever you have internet access. Search assessments based on the desired topic, skill level, or correlation to career type. You can learn individually or with your team while tracking performance using Cybrary’s data and analytic metrics. Organizations all over the world train their employees with the CyDefe catalog on Cybrary. The myriad of assessments will leverage your company as you practice with premium learning resources and develop the industry’s most sought after skills. You can also access content tailored to job roles giving you the ability to train employees based on needed job fulfillment and skills levels. Employees can also develop and master skills essential to the roles they wish to acquire and gain the experiential skills needed to progress in the field. Access the CyDefe catalog, along with a variety of other lab vendors, through Cybrary for Business or Cybrary Insider Pro.