Joe Perry

Joe Perry

Senior Technical Instructor at FireEye, Inc

I am a cybersecurity researcher, software engineer, security analyst, and general jack-of-all trades. I’ve worked in Cybersecurity for most of a decade, fulfilling roles throughout the US Federal Government; primarily in the Department of Defense and Intelligence community.

About Joe Perry

I’m a graduate of the Joint Cyber Analysis Course, the Advanced Cyber Training Program, and the Computer Network Operations Development Program. I’ve offered consultation to organizations of sizes from 10 employees to tens of thousands of employees, and I’ve contributed to dozens of security curricula and training programs.

In my rare free time, I write tabletop and live action games, and manage events and gaming conventions. In the even more rare downtime between those events, I enjoy reading and rowing. In 2019 I’m working on a personal project to read 100 new books by the end of the year.