CVE Series

Reduce risk and keep adversaries out of your environment with hands-on training
built around the latest vulnerabilities and exploits.

Protect Your Environment

Thousands of CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) are discovered and disclosed every month that could severely impact your organization. So many, it's hard to keep pace. Our CVE series lets you experience critical vulnerabilities through interactive courses and secure virtual environments to develop the skills necessary to mitigate risk.


Experience Vulnerabilities From Every Angle

Prioritize Significant Risks
Dive deep into critical vulnerabilities and exploits ripped from the headlines that pose the most significant risks to your organization and others worldwide.
Quickly Identify and Address
Follow in-depth tutorials that provide actionable insight and guidance. Apply this knowledge in secure virtual labs to prepare to find and remediate vulnerabilities in your environment.
Assess Exploitability and Impact
Explore vulnerabilities through the eyes of an attacker and defender. Exploit a vulnerability using proof of concept code to assess its potential impact and learn ways to detect exploitation attempts.
Safely Mitigate
Practice various methods for mitigating a vulnerability and partner with key stakeholders across your organization to ensure remediation.

Be Ready to Respond

As new vulnerabilities emerge, be confident you have the knowledge and skills to address them quickly and effectively. Help your organization reduce risk.

Develop Your Cybersecurity Skills Today