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Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Course Introduction

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Hey, everyone, welcome to the penetration, testing and ethical hacking course. My name is Ken, and I'll be your instructor for this course in this video. We're gonna cover the course prerequisites. So we'll see what kind of information you need to know in advance of this course. We also talk about the general course overview. So we're gonna talk about what you'll actually be learning throughout this course and we'll talk about myself. Your instructor. She could get in idea of who I am, what my background is and why I'm qualified to teach you this information. So let's start off with our prerequisites. It's a really good idea for anyone taking this course toe have a solid understanding of computer networking. So you really need to understand how does data flow across the network that's gonna help you As we move into doing some things around penetration testing.

You also need a good understanding of operating system. So understanding file structure, understanding how to use the terminal and Lennox, for example, in some commands, you can run how to change directories. So all these sort of basic things that you get with experience both as a network engineer, and sys admin. It's good toe have that background coming into this course. That being said, if you don't have that background, you can still grasp the concepts we're learning. But it's really gonna be challenging in some of the areas of this course if you don't have some understanding of the fundamentals. So who am I? My name is Kennedy Hill on master instructor at Sai Buri. I hold a Masters degree in cyber Security Information Assurance. I also hold a couple of industry search. So the certified ethical hacker from EEC Council, as well as the computer hacking forensic investigator certification. I also write questions for the CH. So I've written questions for version 10 and version 11 as well as the latest version of the CHF eye exam.

And more recently, I passed the beta version of Version 11, which is the latest exam that'll be coming out in January 2021. I also practice technical ninjutsu, so that's why you see a little picture of a ninja there, and that's not actually me in a ninja outfits. So I hate to break your heart there and back in 2019, I wanted award from SC media for outstanding educator. So who is this course actually intended for? Well, it's intended for aspiring pen tester. So the CH is one certification that this course will help prepare you for, and that's a really entry level type of certification for a pen tester. So if you're looking to get into hacking or pen testing as we call it in the industry, then this is a good course for you to learn some of the fundamentals. This is also for blue team or defensive members of your team that are looking to understand. How does a hacker actually think? What are some of the attacks that attacker might try? And that way they could become better defenders. And it's also for people, as I mentioned, that are looking for penetration testing certifications. So if you're studying force of things like CH or committee is pen test.

Plus, this course can help you out, learning some of the fundamental knowledge that you need to know to be successful in those certifications, and I will mention based off my experience with the latest version of C E. H. Those course will cover a T least from the questions I had seen will cover all of the things that you might need to know and then some. So you'll be well prepared going into that certification. So let's talk about what we're actually gonna cover throughout this course. We'll talk about what ethical hacking or penetration testing actually is. We also talk about some fundamental security concepts, so things like the CIA tree odd. We'll talk about reconnaissance or foot printing slash o sit open source intelligence. So well, basically, we're gonna talk about how do we get information on our target?

We also talk about scanning. So how do we identify what that network infrastructure looks like as well as the numerator shin? How do we identify what things might be vulnerable? We'll talk about Web application attacks, Web server attacks. We'll talk at a fundamental level about cryptography. You don't need to know too much for the CH exam in particular or pen test plus. But we'll talk about some of the basic information you do need to know. Also, focus on cloud, so we'll talk about some of the fundamental things and cloud you need to know is, well, we'll go through system hacking. So, including things like talking about malware and we'll talk about I o t and O T hacking. So we'll talk about ot hacking slash i. C s network hacking, and we'll talk about the difference between that as well as the difference between that and doing like regular it. Network hacking. So there is some key information there that you want to know going into different certification exams, and we also cover mobile hacking as well and ah, lot, lot more. So with this course, you're gonna get downloadable syllabus.

You'll be able to kind of map out your path as well as everything's labeled in the course itself. You're gonna get some notes. So I've got a few 100 pages roughly of notes that kind of go through all these different areas and you'll have access to that. So you get a massive document there that you'd be able to use for a study guide. There'll be some assessments that are optional for the course, as well as some optional labs to go with the course. I do recommend that you, if you don't have experience as a pen tester, that you do go through those optional labs just to get some hands on skills specifically with end map, which is one of the tools will cover in the course and then throughout the course, have sprinkled in some demonstration videos that just sort of reinforcing concepts and show you what some of these things actually look like in real life. So in this video, we just talked about some of the prerequisites of the course again.

You wanna have a solid understanding of networking as well as, ah, solid understanding of how operating systems function. We also talked about the core structure itself, all the different things you're gonna be learning. And we introduced you to myself, your instructor. So in the next video, I'm gonna go over the CH certification and sort of focus on that a little bit and let you know why you might want to get it as well as some of the key things you need to know about that certification

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