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Video Transcription
in this lesson. We're gonna talk about the CCS K exam itself, and I gave you an overview of the materials that covers and some background on the exam as well.
The exam is administered by the Cloud Security Alliance. Or I should say more specifically, the Cloud Security Alliance is who provides you with the actual CCS case certificate. And they are the group that creates the test content of the actual exam
they've been defining in raising awareness for security cloud best practices since about 2008.
That's the rial core mission. They're not specific to any particular cloud vendor. In fact, they're not even specific to public cloud versus private cloud, but more so The difference is that the cloud concepts bring when it comes to security. If chapters throughout the globe
that host local, regional and national summits.
once you get your certification, even before you have your Sirte,
go ahead and reach out. If you're interested in providing a professional networking group, they host educational workshops on a regular basis. They operate the C s, a security trust and Assurance registry also known as the Star. And we're gonna look at that a little bit later when we're going through content.
But it's a great registry centralized.
That takes a look at all the different vendors and cloud vendors when we're talking about not just the traditional public cloud vendors the AWS azar, Google Digital Ocean, Ali Baba and so on, but also cloud vendors that are providing SAS based services
who may themselves be working within those public cloud vendors.
A Z I mentioned 2008 is when the C s a started they officially formed in 2009. The first version of the security guidance for critical areas of focus for cloud Computing was
subsequently issued in 2009 as well. We are going to be looking at version four in this
particular exam preparation, and in a few moments we're gonna actually navigate to their site because I'm gonna want you to get a copy of this guidance and even read it for yourself, because it is what a lot of the exam questions are based off of. The material in that guidance, Um,
2010 is when they actually created the CCS case certification itself.
And then, in 2015 they worked with I s C
organization to develop the CCS P. So one of the certifications I have the C s SP certified information systems Security professional is administered by different groups other than the C s. A. And then once you get the system, you can then get a specialized certification called the sea CSP, which is
the cloud certified systems profession security. Excuse me, Cloud certified security professional,
And they
I S C. Who administers assist. They worked with C s A. To create that certification.
So let's talk about the exam itself. It's administered online and in his open book. So if you have good notes, if you take notes if you use the notes associated with this course, if you collect some of the notes and materials that were going to be acquiring in a few moments as well for additional studies,
however you want to do it,
it is open book.
You only have 90 minutes to answer 60 multiple choice questions. So that's a minute and 1/2 per question. So,
yes, you could try to Google away, but the reality is you're not going to make it through and find the answers to all 90 questions or frankly, with a passing requirement of 80% score even 80% of those 60 questions. I think you're gonna have a very, very tough time
googling enough answers. So you're really gonna want to know
some of this. You're gonna wanna have well organized notes. And if you do that going through the exam,
going through answering the questions, the content, it will be much, much easier. It costs $395 to take the exam, so it's not overwhelmingly expensive, depending on your income. But it is. It is an amount that and it's not the kind of thing you just want to be taking the exam in
wasting away your time by failing the exam in taking it again and again because it will add up
when you do get the exam. There are no annual recurring fees or anything like that. So that's the good part about the certification. Once you get it, it does not expire.
This course includes materials, sample questions and study notes.
But it's not an official study course for the CCS K exam being sanctioned by the Cloud Security Alliance, and they themselves have some official study materials that you can download for free. So in addition to what you get from this cyber re close, I'm really going to recommend that that you actually obtain
the free materials from
Cloud Security alliance itself directly. But switch over to our browser and navigate to those materials.
And so here we have the Cloud Security Alliance dot org's website. You can navigate this and find out all sorts of different
an additional information about the cloud security alliance itself, up to date white papers that they published a good good information on events as well. For this purpose, I want to navigate to the education the training insert of Certificates area, which provides more information around the CCS K exam. This is where you can purchase it and actually,
Theo example get administered
through this website as well. You can see the some of the official training materials instructions can be purchased here. There's a free prep kit, definitely recommend you download that, and more specifically, if we go into the training and certifications and we drop into the certificate of cloud security knowledge,
we can see here's the security guidance version for
so you're definitely going to want to download that. And if I scroll down a little bit further, here's where you can download that. It's a pdf that is the the main body from which the materials on the exam are pulled. There's two other documents that you're gonna want to download to go ahead and do that, cause I'm gonna be referencing these
as we proceed in some of the later lessons in this course
Thean Isa recommendations for cloud security and the CCM. The cloud controls matrix Aziz. Well,
the exam that the content of the security guidance itself is broken up into, um, 14 different domains, which is he described here.
In this course, we're going to be going through the content of each one of those domains wanted the time Andi providing some online quizzes and some additional notes for you. And in addition to those 14 domains, we're going to cover the cloud controls matrix, which is a part in area of the sea CSK exam, and then the Anisa
recommendations also
and those being covered in these additional documents here. So go ahead and download these three documents yourself now. So you have them as reference while we're going through the this course.
Thank you. And I look forward to getting into domain one. See you shortly
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