Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

As more global companies migrate to the cloud, it is important for IT professionals to pass the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) exam. Take this course by cybersecurity-oriented cloud architect James Leone in order to develop career-ready skills in enhancing security for cloud-based technologies.

Course Content

Risks and Legal Issues


ENISA Recommendations
ENISA Recommendations


ENISA Recommendations
Domain 14 Knowledge Recap


Domain 14: Related Technologies
IoT and Mobile


Domain 14: Related Technologies
Related Technologies


Domain 14: Related Technologies
Domain 13 Knowledge Recap


Domain 13: Security as a Service
Major Categories


Domain 13: Security as a Service
Benefits and Concerns


Domain 13: Security as a Service
Security as a Service


Domain 13: Security as a Service
Domain 12 Knowledge Recap


Domain 12: Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management
Entitlement and Access Management


Domain 12: Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management
Authentication and Credentials


Domain 12: Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management
Managing Identities in the Cloud


Domain 12: Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management
IAM Standards for Cloud


Domain 12: Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management
Identity, Entitlement and Access Management


Domain 12: Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management
Domain 11 Knowledge Recap


Domain 11: Data Security and Encryption
Architecture, Monitoring and Additional Controls


Domain 11: Data Security and Encryption
Key Management


Domain 11: Data Security and Encryption
Course Description

Cloud is currently used throughout the globe by businesses across all industries. The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) shows that you have a broad understanding of the security considerations when using cloud-based technologies (regardless of the specific cloud provider or vendor). As a bonus, the CCSK course contains sample questions and pointers to reference material for additional studying.


The CCSK exam itself does not require any formal experience or pre-requisites. The course materials assume you have a basis in IT technologies, but does not require in-depth technical knowledge of the cloud.

Course Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand topics covered in the CCSK exam
  • Demonstrate competence in cloud security topics
  • Identify additional resources to prepare for the CCSK exam and to leverage * in your professional career when working with the cloud
  • As more companies migrate to the cloud, they need IT professionals who understand the importance of cloud security. The CCSK certification provides students with the foundations necessary to secure data in the cloud and prepares them for the CCSK certification exam.

    What is CCSK Certification?

    The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) is an online exam that validates students’ proficiency in cloud security topics. The certification has been around since its launch in 2010 by the Cloud Security Alliance. It is a widely recognized industry standard of expertise, making it a benchmark for measuring cloud security skills.

    The CCSK is a certification that is knowledge-based and doesn’t require any formal work experience. Instead, it is simply recommended that candidates have the knowledge necessary to pass the certification exam. Certificate holders are proven to be ready to take on the challenges of cloud security for any vendor.

    Additionally, CCSK certified professionals:

  • have the technical abilities, skills, and expertise to develop cloud security environments by maintaining accepted standards
  • stand out from noncertified professionals for employment and advancement in the ever-growing cloud job market
  • gain access to career resources, like networking, tools, and exchange of ideas with other professionals
  • What Does the CCSK Training Course Cover?

    Our CCSK training course is designed to prepare students to successfully pass the CCSK certification exam and earn their credentials. The CCSK is a vendor-neutral certification, so students will develop a broad understanding of the security of cloud-based technologies. Upon completion of the course, students should have thorough knowledge of the certification exam topics and competency in those same areas.

    There are no formal prerequisites for the CCSK certification exam or for this course. However, it is assumed that students have basic IT knowledge before they take this CCSK class.

    The course is a total of 9 hours and 29 minutes clock time, for which students will receive 10 CEU/CPE and a Certificate of Completion.

    How Hard is the CCSK Certification Exam?

    The CCSK exam, like other certification exams, is easier for some students and harder for others. It depends upon how prepared test-takers are and how well they know the material. What’s different about the CCSK certification exam is that it’s web-based, so students can take it from wherever they are, they don’t have to go to a testing center. That means that the exam is essentially an open-book test. However, that doesn’t mean that studying isn’t necessary. The depth of the questions on the exam is high, validating the individual’s practical knowledge for numerous real-time cloud security issues and the best practices to salve them.

    The topics that are covered on the CCSK exam include cloud architecture, security compliance, operations, encryption, governance, virtualization, and more. The exam is comprised of 60 multiple choice questions, for which test-takers have 90 minutes to complete. To pass, a score of 80% must be achieved.

    The cost of the CCSK certification exam is $345.

    Is Earning the CCSK Certification Worth It?

    With the current demand for IT professionals of all types, any technology certification can be said to be worth it. The CCSK certification specifically, is worth earning for a number of valid reasons, including:

  • It proves proficiency in major cloud security issues through a reputable organization that specializes in cloud research.
  • It demonstrates technical abilities, knowledge, and skills to utilize controls that are specific to the cloud.
  • It complements other IT credentials like the CISSP, CISA, and CCSP.
  • It increases career opportunities and earning potential for certification holders.
  • In fact, the CCSK credential is one of the highest paying certifications in the IT industry. It was reported in Certification Magazine that the average annual salary for CCSK certified employees was $149,760. With the demand for CCSK professionals and the lucrative salaries, it’s easy to see why earning this certification is definitely worth it.

    What's the Best way to Prepare for the CCSK Certification Exam?

    Being properly prepared for the CCSK certification exam is vital. One of the most effective ways to prepare for this certification exam is by taking a CCSK training course that cover all the applicable information and provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a hands-on environment.

    At Cybrary, we provide students with the CCSK course that will help them to become prepared for the certification exam. Students who take the training will learn skills and information that are needed to pass the test and earn their CCSK credential. Enrolling for the course is simple, just click on the Register button in the top right corner of the screen.

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    Instructed by

    James Leone

    I am a client-focused IT strategist with 20 years of experience leading change in development and operations programs to solve complex technology and cultural problems that have a positive impact on businesses. Accomplishing organizational success by fostering people, leveraging cross functional partnerships, adopting appropriate agile practices, and contributing architectural competencies in cutting edge software platforms. I have a deep understanding of working in a highly regulated environment, in particular healthcare, to meet compliance obligations while minimizing cost overhead.

    In recent years, I have focused a lot in the technology areas of cybersecurity (secure application development), cloud, and device-to-cloud (IoT) solutions, with a sprinkling of data science and analytics (to measure and monitor success indicators).

    Cybrary provides me with an outlet to share what I know about technology and learn from others that have a different perspective (stemming from working at different companies, working in different industries, having a different educational background, etc.). As a lifelong learner myself, I appreciate the opportunity to work with a range of students to discuss the variety of ways to apply technology and process to improve the services they provide and products they create.

    One a more personal note, I have a beautiful wife and 4 children. With the youngest in high school, I’ve had the opportunity to reacquaint myself with lifelong interests in being physically active (sports, fitness, and hiking), cooking, and a bit of travel.

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