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 in this lesson. I'm gonna talk to you about Callie Lennox by offensive security. Callie is an advanced penetration testing distribution of Lennox that has been around in one form or another for a long time. It was previously called Backtrack. Just a Zen map is a Swiss Army knife of cyber security tools. Callie is certainly considered the Swiss Army knife of cybersecurity operating systems. The main reason I want to introduce it in this course is because, and map is already built into Callie.

So if you want to use Callie or you already use it, there's no need to go through installing end map on it. Also, it has a lot of other really important tools built in. Let's talk about what Callie can do for you and why you might consider using it for running in map. Here are the learning objectives for this lesson. First will answer the question. What is Callie Lennox? Then we'll talk about the best way to get it. The third question here is an important one to consider, and that is how should you run it?

There are multiple versions of Cali available, and they can be run in a variety of ways. Depending on your purpose, we'll discuss some of those ways and the things you should consider when making your decision. Then finally will go through a lab on running a version of Cali in Oracle Virtual Box, along with a test and maps. Can you can learn everything you need to know about Callie by visiting offensive Securities Callie website at callie dot org's. But here are a couple quick points about it first, the current version of Cali is very refined, with hundreds of tools for the cybersecurity practitioner.

Offensive Security. Who's the company behind? Callie suggests that the current version is their most advanced penetration testing distribution ever. As far as I know, there aren't any other all in one Lennox distributions or any other operating system for that matter that combined so many cyber security tools into one. I believe that every serious cybersecurity practitioner simply must have an installation of Callie at their disposal.

Many of you remember that Callie used to be called Backtrack, which was based on slacks and NA picks Lennox distributions. It had a number of the same tools that Callie offers and originated from the merger of wax and the Auditor security collection. The first official release of Callie was in March of 2013 as Backtrack was completely re engineered and built on top of Debbie in.

Besides providing tools for penetration testing, Callie also offers tools for security research, digital forensics and reverse engineering. It has hundreds of tools, and we'll run efficiently on almost any hardware. And best of all, it's free, open source and a VHS compliant, which greatly simplifies navigating the file system for Lennox users, the transition to Callie Like most things, the best place to get Callie is by going straight to the source. Their website is callie dot or GE.

At the top of their front page, there is a link to downloads, which takes you directly to all of the current galley releases. Or you can simply go straight to Cali dot org's black downloads. If you choose to download and use Callie, I highly recommend using the shot to 56 hash of your download against what is provided on their site. Callie is powerful, and you want to make sure that power is used for good and for your intended purpose. If you don't know how to verify hash, I'll show you in the lab. There are a couple different Callie images, depending on what you're trying to accomplish, your gooey or non gooey preference and your hard work and strengths.

I even have galley running on $100 raspberry pi. Surprisingly, it runs really good, and its size and power requirements make it easy to imperceptibly launch an attack without physically being noticed. If you want to give Callie a shot, I recommend trying Callie Light. The download is quick, and it has tons of tools, including and map. Callie will run in a bunch of different ways. If you're looking for a solid operating system for your computer, you can simply load it as your main OS. One good thing about doing that is simply that you will always have galleys tools at your disposal, and it's Debian based.

So installing all of your other productivity tools is simple. If you don't want to run it as your main OS but want Callie to take full advantage of your hardware, you can even set it up on your Mac or PC to dual boot from your primary OS or Callie. This does take some time and effort to accomplish, though probably the most popular way to run. Callie, If you're not simply going to use it as your primary OS is to run it as a V M from your favorite hyper visor or virtual machine manager, you have several options.

If you do that, you can either create a virtual hard disk and go through the full install of Cali. Or you can run it in live CD DVD mode, which essentially makes it a fresh running copy every time it boots. Okay, now on to the lab. The main goal is to have a version of Cali running on our Windows PC. Once we get it working will test end map to make sure it's working. The general steps will follow are included on this slide. Let's get started.

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The network mapper (NMAP) is one of the highest quality and powerful free network utilities in the cybersecurity professional's arsenal. This NMAP course offers the NMAP skills and commands needed to become a better network administrator, incident responder, or penetration tester. Learn NMAP fundamentals and even create personal hands-on labs.
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