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"Excellent new series of courses from Cybrary, each course covers a different CVE, demonstrates vulnerability and its mitigation."
- Raul C., Cybersecurity Specialist
"Just finished the third out of four MITRE ATT&CK Defender courses on Cybrary... If anyone is interested in learning how to do ATT&CK based SOC assessments I would definitely recommend this course. The best part is that it is FREE!"
- Eric T., AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Weekly Challenge: Malware in a Haystack

Take on a Steganography challenge identifying embedded data within an image. Malicious attackers use Steganography for attacks, such as macro-enabled Word documents, to conceal covert communication. The goal is to show how attackers can effortlessly embed data within files to hide their activity. Create a free account to begin the challenge!

Gobble Gobble Challenge
Threat Actor Campaigns

Leverage real attack scenarios with Cybrary. Adversaries are constantly adapting and evolving their tactics to compromise your environment. Stay a step ahead with Cybrary’s Threat Actor Campaigns -- interactive courses that provide a complete overview of real-world kill chains. Click the course card to learn more about our current free Threat Actor Campaign. Enroll today to get complete access from start to finish!

Spinning a Web Shell for Initial Access
CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures)

Thousands of CVEs are discovered and disclosed every month that could severely impact your organization. Our CVE series lets you experience critical vulnerabilities through interactive courses and secure virtual environments to develop the skills necessary to mitigate risk. This course is completely free. Free CVEs rotate regularly, so don’t miss out and enroll today!

CVE ApacheSpark2
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