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Information Security Fundamentals

Master the essential skills you need to get a job in the security industry. Take the first step in your cybersecurity career with Information Security Fundamentals.

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About this Career Path

The foundational networking and security concepts taught in this career path form the backbone of any security professional’s knowledge base. Become ready to move on to topics in system administration, penetration testing, incident response, and many more while learning about the main job roles in the security industry.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • There are no specific prerequsites for this, but it is recommended that students have a basic knowledge of computers.
  • This is built for people breaking into Cybersecurity or transitioning from IT.

Once Completed You Are Ready To:

Claim Skills

  • Fundamentals of IT
  • Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Key Topics

  • Network fundamentals
  • Cybersecurity architecture fundamentals
  • Vulnerability management fundamentals
  • Malware fundamentals
  • Mitre Att&ck Framework overview


Entry level career


Study 4 hrs/week and complete in 1 month


Gain access to materials immediately

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Cybersecurity Analyst
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We take a high-level overview of topics, like risk management, basic networking, malware, and more. You will start by learning fundamental topics in networking such as common network devices, TCP/UDP, Firewalls, and the Network Topology. With that foundation, you will be able to understand the importance of protecting data, as well as common practices and policies used by information security practitioners. Afterwards, you will receive an overview on various offensive security topics including malware and the Mitre Att&ck Framework! This path is perfect for students transitioning from an IT role or students pursuing a full career change. This path will expose you to both offensive and defensive topics to help you identify areas of interest. By the end, you should have a high level understanding of the fundamental concepts and practices used by information security practitioners.