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Foster continuous cybersecurity skill development

Benchmark your team’s cybersecurity skills and offer a more personalized learning experience to ensure your analysts and engineers are prepared for what’s next.

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Make cybersecurity skill development a priority

Cybersecurity is in constant flux, with attack vectors expanding every day. Your customers rely on your team’s expertise to thwart today’s attacks and keep tomorrow’s threats at bay. But a demanding schedule, limited budget, and lack of insight into your team’s knowledge and skills can make it difficult to ensure they’re staying ahead of emerging trends and technologies.

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Streamline development with one integrated solution

Our platform offers an ever-growing catalog of content, covering a broad range of cybersecurity skills and certifications. We ensure your team has 24/7 access to the most relevant training resources, giving them the flexibility to learn around their schedules and at their own pace.

Static and Dynamic Malware Analysis Lab
Finding Malicious Indicators Lab
Creating and Securing User Accounts Lab
Tailor learning to close cybersecurity skill gaps

You can leverage our skill and work role assessments to better understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses. With the help of your dedicated Customer Success Manager, you can then assign specific courses or hands-on learning activities to develop critical areas.

Build confidence with cutting-edge tools

We enable your team practice with the latest tools and technologies in secure, browser-based virtual lab environments. Affording your team this hands-on experience will empower them to work smarter and faster when it matters most.

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Remove the barriers to attaining certifications

Certifications validate your team’s knowledge and skills, bolster credibility, and enable you to close new business. The challenge is finding the most efficient and effective way to help your team get ready. In-person training courses and boot camps are expensive and take your team away from work, while online courses may not provide everything they need to be successful.

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Make certification preparation easier

We give your team the tools to earn the most in-demand cybersecurity certifications with courses, virtual labs, and practice tests on one convenient platform. You can use our intuitive dashboards to track a team member’s progress and know when they’re ready to pass the certification exam.

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Create an effective career development plan

Providing your team with a clear path for career progression increases employee satisfaction and helps you retain your best talent. The challenge lies in defining the requisite knowledge and skills for specific roles, and creating a program to foster the necessary growth.

Give your team their next step

Our curated career paths offer a ready-made template that you can customize for specific roles, ensuring your team builds the skills they need to be successful now and in the future. Our reporting and analytics suite enables you to track your team’s development over time and surface high-potential employees who are ready to take on more.


Drive meaningful outcomes

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Optimize onboarding

Create a consistent and reliable process for getting new hires up-to-speed quickly.

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Close skill gaps

Ensure your team’s knowledge and skills are up-to-date.

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Streamline development

Provide your team with 24/7 access to the most relevant cybersecurity content.

Improve efficiency

Build your team’s confidence with the latest tools and technologies.

Earn more certifications

Scale certification preparation to your entire team and organization.

Career Paths
Foster career growth

Help your team understand how they can learn and grow within your organization.

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