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Cybrary Community Summit 2022

Participate in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Cybrary's first-ever Cybrary Community Summit! Watch the livestream of our community events here, on October 20th.

Meet the Community Summit Guests

Jennifer Cook

Sr. Director, Marketing @NCA

Scott Gibson

Chief Strategy Officer @Melwood

Kit Powell-circle
Kit Powell

Director, Talent Acquisition @GDIT

Josh Nelson-circle
Joshua Nelson

Cybersecurity Analyst @GDIT

Teach Others How to Stay Safe Online
LIVE October 20th @ 10 AM ET
Presented by Jennifer Cook, Sr. Director of Marketing at the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA)

As a security professional, Cybersecurity Awareness Month might not be for you, can be an opportunity to educate your community about staying safe online. Share cybersecurity advice and tips with the people that need it. We’re calling on all security professionals to volunteer their time and knowledge with their community by reaching out to schools, businesses, community centers, libraries, and retirement homes. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a teacher, you have something to share with your friends, neighbors, and others. In this session, the NCA will share tips on how to present a basic “Information Security 101” talk in your community.
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Stay Safe Online with the National Cybersecurity Alliance

The National Cybersecurity Alliance is a non-profit organization on a mission to create a more secure, interconnected world. We advocate for the safe use of all technology and educate everyone on how best to protect ourselves, our families, and our organizations from cybercrime. We create strong partnerships between governments and corporations to amplify our message and to foster a greater “digital” good.

Instagram: @natlcybersecurityalliance Twitter: @StaySafeOnline

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Neurodivergent in Cybersecurity 101
LIVE October 20th @ 11 AM ET
Special Guests: Scott Gibson, Chief Strategy Officer at Melwood, Joshua Nelson, AbilIT graduate and Cyber Security Analyst at GDIT, and Kit Powell, Director of Talent Acquisition at GDIT.

Join us for a panel discussion on how to provide a belonging environment for neurodivergent persons and what we can all do to provide opportunities. In partnership with Cybrary, Melwood’s 14-week training AbilIT program consists of both technical training and professional and personal development. Learn from the panelists how such programs can make a difference and what leaders can do right now at their organization to support people with disabilities.
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Inclusion and Excellence in Cybersecurity

Founded on the principles of innovation, inclusion, and social good, Melwood built a vibrant supportive organization and inspired community. Supporting youth and adults in the neurodivergent and disabiled communities, Melwood’s AbilIT program prepares and assists individuals throughout the job search and placement process, and with on-the-job coaching. Partnered with Cybrary, the AbilIT program empowers individuals of all abilities and phases of their lives ‘skill-up’ and better their position in the IT and Cybersecurity workforce.

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Cybrary Threat Intelligence Group

Ryan-English 400x400-modified
Ryan English

CTIG Project Manager

david-maynor 400x400-modified
David Maynor

Sr. Director, Threat Intelligence

matt-mullins 400x400-modified
Matt Mullins

Sr. Security Researcher, Adversary Emulation

Disecting the Latest CVEs with CTIG
LIVE October 20th @ 12 PM ET
Presented by Cybrary's Threat Intelligence Group, view Matt Mullins, Ryan English, and David Maynor talk about recent vulnerabilities like CVE-2022-42889 and how to triage it.

CTIG dives into the Apache Commons Text CVE 2022-42889 and Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).
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