The Cybersecurity skills gap has reached its breaking point.

Job demand is higher than ever due to remote work, digital transformation, cloud adoption, and the increased sophistication of threat actors. But people just aren’t getting hired.

Why? Despite the size of the talent pool, most candidates don’t have the skills that organizations are looking for. And the truth is that it’s pretty hard for people to build those skills.

For beginners trying to break into the industry, there isn’t a clear path to get started. Free resources are either incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated. Introductory content from trusted sources comes with a hefty price tag that beginners shouldn’t have to pay.

For practitioners preparing for certifications, free resources (and even paid content) are also either incomplete or outdated. The most reputable cert prep providers are happy to charge thousands of dollars (on top of steep exam fees) but won’t tell you that you need more than the certification to get hired. Even if they do help you pass the exam, they teach to the test and don’t cover underlying concepts you actually need for the job.

For advanced practitioners, there’s no safe place to quickly investigate the latest vulnerabilities. Without access to recent, accurate content on new threats and exploits, practitioners spend hours researching, yet still don’t get a complete understanding of how to defend against new attacks.

This is why, as of today, we’re introducing Cybrary Free Access, with over 500 hours of free, premium cybersecurity training content on our platform.

The industry is facing a capacity, capability, and confidence problem. While everyone is talking about it, the problem isn’t getting any better. What we’re doing is working to get millions of people in those seats. With Cybrary Free Access, we’re coming back with a stronger free product than ever in response to not only the skills shortage, but also a market that’s in need of new opportunities. This isn’t just free content; it’s an experience designed to provide practitioners with hands-on skills training based on the threats organizations are facing now or likely to face soon.

Cybrary CEO Kevin Hanes

The new free content will support learners throughout their lifecycle.

For beginners trying to break into the industry, we’re introducing new IT Foundations and Cybersecurity Foundations paths. This curated content covers fundamental concepts and key on-the-job skills, helping beginners take the first steps on their cyber journey with confidence.

For practitioners preparing for certifications, we’re unlocking our industry-leading certification prep courses, featuring expert instructors who have helped thousands get certified and advance their careers.

For advanced practitioners, we’re unlocking one full course each from our Threat Actor Campaigns (TAC) and Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits (CVE) Series, for threat-informed content to prepare defenses for real-world attacks and new vulnerabilities.

For users ready to get their hands dirty putting new concepts and skills to the test, Cybrary Insider Pro offers unlimited access to the entire Cybrary platform, including:

-The industry’s most comprehensive, cybersecurity-focused training library, with over 2,000 learning activities that promote career growth and advancement at any stage

-Practice tests that help clarify and reinforce challenging concepts, understand where to focus studying for certification preparation, and ensure exam-readiness

-Virtual labs that simulate real-world scenarios, business use cases, and technical workflows to build invaluable hands-on skills

-Role- and skill-based assessments to prove your job-readiness and put new skills to the test

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