Ethical Hacking Assessment


Cydefe's Ethical Hacking Assessment is an Assessment Lab on Cybrary. The Cydefe Ethical Hacking Assessment is an Intermediate Assessment Lab designed for Intermediate students in the Ethical Hacker, Pentester, Red Team, Offensive Security, and Security Testing fields.

The Cydefe Ethical Hacking Assessment will cover skills across the offensive security discipline. Students will learn to perform: • Information Gathering – The discipline of identifying key target areas, vulnerable systems, open-source intelligence, and basic configuration and design information to enable the Ethical Hacking process. • Reconnaissance – The process of passively and actively monitoring and investigating the systems identified during Information Gathering in order to determine activity, patterns of behavior, potential insecurity, detailed configuration, and potentially hidden attack vectors. • Initial Access – The mechanism by which a system becomes compromised. The Ethical Hacker makes use of the intelligence gathered in previous phases and finds their first foothold in the system or network to be hacked. • Privilege Escalation – The term used to describe a hacker increasing the number and quality of privileges they have in the target system or network. The Ethical (or, frankly, unethical) Hacker uses this stage to enable continued access, further access, or deeper and more impactful access. • Post-Exploit Hacking – The catch-all term used to describe the process of pivoting through the network, identifying key targets, and using the newfound access in order to accomplish mission objectives. • Track Covering (Usually referred to as Covering Tracks) – In which the Ethical Hacker conceals their behavior in an attempt to prevent discovery.

In a controlled, curated environment.

The Cydefe Ethical Hacking Assessment will also determine a student’s ability to effectively use Ethical Hacking tools like Nmap, John the Ripper, Metasploit, Kali Linux, and many more. Students who successfully complete the Cydefe Ethical Hacking Assessment will have demonstrated proficiency accomplishing the tasks for which these tools were developed.

The Cydefe Ethical Hacking Assessment is part of the Pentester/Ethical Hacker Cybrary Career Path, and is one of the primary means by which a student can demonstrate their Ethical Hacking skills. To successfully complete the Cydefe Ethical Hacking Assessment, a student will need to review the Cybrary training materials related to the various disciplines of Penetration Testing.

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