Cyber Security

Cyber Security test is designed to check the application and various cyber security skills. Topics covered are Data Destruction, WPA2 Authentication, System Logs, Information Security Auditor, ARP Spoofing. Useful for hiring Cyber Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst


Our Cybersecurity assessment test, created by iMocha, is designed to evaluate cybersecurity skills, knowledge, and abilities. It can be used as a pre-employment assessment or to identify areas that need improvement for current employees. The assessment is beneficial for any organization that hires cybersecurity professionals.

What is the Cybersecurity Assessment?

This cybersecurity test is one of Cybrary’s premium assessments that is intended to be a tool for organizations that want to assess the skill levels of potential or existing employees. The test verifies a fundamental knowledge of cybersecurity in various areas and indicates any subject areas that need improvement.

The cybersecurity assessment targets the skills needed in an intermediate-level cybersecurity role. It’s helpful in pre-employment screening for recruiters and hiring managers looking to fill many cybersecurity job roles.

What Does the Cybersecurity Assessment Test Cover?

Cybersecurity is the process of protecting an organization's technological and digital assets and information from cyber threats,attacks, and vulnerabilities. This process consists of numerous technologies, practices, and processes that are created to safeguard systems, networks, programs, devices, and data from unauthorized access, attack, or damage.

The cybersecurity assessment test evaluates test-takers’ knowledge of the processes, technologies, tools, and practices needed to keep an organization safe from malicious cyberattacks, or from unintentional end user actions. The assessment covers the following topics:

  • Vulnerabilities and associated attacks – skills in recognizing and categorizing weaknesses and the types of attacks that may exploit them
  • OSI model and underlying network protocols – skills with such protocols as TCP/IP
  • Detecting intrusions – skills in detecting network-based and host intrusions using tools like the intrusion detector, Snort
  • Performing packet-level analysis – skills using tools like tcpdump and Wireshark
  • These are skills that are important in many cybersecurity work roles, including Cyber Defense Analyst, Cyber Defense Incident Responder, Security Control Assessor, Vulnerability Assessment Analyst, Systems Developer, IT Program Auditor, and All-Source Analyst.

    Why Should Employers Use the Cybersecurity Assessment Test?

    Having the right employees, who have the right set of skills, is essential to the success of every company. Performing assessment testing is valuable for both pre-employment screening and evaluating the skills of current employees. Not only will it help ensure that you hire individuals who possess the knowledge needed for a specific role, but it does so in an effective, easy, and non-biased way.

    At Cybrary, our assessment tests help you find the best candidates to build your cybersecurity team. In addition to our assessment tests, we have a huge library of cybersecurity training courses, certification practice tests, and virtual labs to ensure your employees continue learning, advancing in their careers, and adding value and experience to your organization.

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