Cybrary Webinar

How to Dispel Cybersecurity Training Myths: Make the Case for Training with Research-Backed Insights

Webinar Overview

Today’s evolving threat landscape has left cybersecurity leaders scrambling to prepare staff to protect their organization. Training programs can improve readiness, yet common myths that training increases employee turnover or fails to produce measurable benefits cast doubt on their value. These concerns make many cybersecurity leaders hesitant to implement formalized training platforms.

A new survey report from Omdia, a leading cybersecurity research firm, dispels these myths. Join a live webinar featuring Cybrary CEO Kevin Hanes on Friday 11/18 at 1pm ET to review key insights from Omdia’s research and help make the case for training in your organization. The webinar will cover:

How ongoing training actually enhances cybersecurity employee retention,

How cybersecurity leaders think about the relationships between training, cybersecurity insurance, and incident response,

How training increases efficiency, effectiveness, and overall security posture,

Why it’s important to combine training with internal career paths and advancement opportunities,

And much more!

Kevin Hanes
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