Cybrary Webinar

Create Customized Cybersecurity L&D Programs to Develop Your Team

Webinar Overview

In early 2021, Cybrary and Degreed entered a partnership to help bridge the gap between Learning and Development (L&D) and Cybersecurity teams. In an industry like Cybersecurity, professional growth and continued skill development are some of the greatest challenges HR and L&D teams face.

Skill sets specific to the most in-demand cyber roles are highly technical and unique to the teams that organizations support, making it even more challenging to know where to start when developing a learning program to adequately address needs.

In this special live webinar, join Cybrary and Degreed to learn:

How Degreed and Cybrary are tackling this prevailing challenge of understanding development needs, through customized role-based learning

The importance of avoiding siloed learning experiences for your technical teams

Degreed team member Lee Rayl’s story about his experience using Cybrary to join the Degreed Cybersecurity team

View this session on-demand with a downloadable presentation, audio transcript, and more.

John O'Neil
Partnership Success Manager
Amanda Davi
Director of Communications
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