Cybrary Webinar

Panel: How to Approach Cybersecurity Skills Development

Tuesday, July 25th at 1pm ET

Webinar Overview

Protecting your organization can feel like a never-ending fire drill in today’s threat landscape. Your team needs to learn about new threats and continuously develop new skills, all while defending the front lines. 

Learn how top cybersecurity leaders are navigating these challenges by joining our webinar panel, How to Approach Cybersecurity Skills Development on July 25th at 1pm ET.

The panel will dive into opportunities for building high-performance cybersecurity teams, exploring key questions for today’s SOC Managers and cybersecurity leaders:

  • How to align stakeholders and prioritize skills development for the organization
  • How to identify and close skills gaps across the team
  • How to determine which learning activities will have the most impact 
  • How to foster a culture of continuous learning 
Webinar host
Nathan Albury
Senior Program Manager
Webinar host
Julie Marie Lhanang
Global Security Training Lead and Corporate Responsibility Officer
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