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How to Install an AlienVault OSSIM Server

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Hello and welcome to the next video. In this video, we'll be installing our Oasis Valium server to start open virtual box. Click New. You can name the server. Whatever you like. I try to stick with the general naming convention. This is a Lennox server, and it's based on Debbie in Memory will largely be determined by how much you have available. I'd recommend at least four gigs of RAM. I'll give my nine. We're gonna create a virtual hard disk video image by default, dynamically allocated, selected. We're going to switch this to fix eyes. This helps with performance dynamically allocated.

You assign a max value your VM can take up when he first create to be M, it'll be a smallest possible, and as you use it, it'll destruction size a fix. Eyes starts off at the large size. This helps a Iot performance, and we'll help more intensive tasks to complete. In this section, we can choose our installed location. You click this arrow here, you can choose where you want your V M. If you remember in the previous video, we created this handy chart. Reference this chart and find your VM location needs that value. Okay, Next up, we choose our virtual hard this size. I'd recommend 15 to 20 gigs at minimum. I'll give mine 25 depending on how much size you take. This process might take a while for the future. Always fast forwarding these parts so you don't have to watch a loading bar go up.

Now that we have the storage allocated, we need to give another processor to R Osa Science Server. Few bright collecting hit settings. You'll see all the settings available for our virtual machine Click System processor. And here is what will give at least one more core to our machine. All the alien fault. Those asylum appliances require at least two cores to boot. If you have more coarse, feel free to give euros a science server and extra core. Make sure the service lucky to hit start you'll see a little pop up. Click this arrow navigate to the only ball. Oh, it's a sigh image. We're gonna select the asylum installation and the process begins. If you ever installed a Lennox distribution in the past, this process should be very familiar.

We're gonna select our language location, keyword, layup and again any lengthy installation. I'll be fast forwarding if you remember back to our chart. We've assigned an I P address to the server. If you picked a normal I p addressing scheme yourself, that mask should be correct. Same with the gateway and the name server. At this point, you can type in any re password you like. Ordinarily, I'd recommend something complex but in the side of environment, I usually try to make it pretty simple. Now we select our time's up. Now that we've finished our installation and the oasis Time server has rebooted, we can log in. This is the password that we said earlier in installation, So we'll have a radio going over the configuration here. But for now, we're just gonna shut down our clients.

Now, if you're impatient, you could shut down the VM through virtual box. But I found that sometimes just closing it the way it's meant to be close is beneficial. Okay, at this point, are always the same server is configured. Go into the settings network. We're gonna change our network, it after type. We're gonna be putting our V m on a host only network at this point. If you have an all in one set up, you're gonna want to add another network adapter. If you do add another network adapter, you're also going to wanna add the promiscuous mood to allow all or allow be EMS. Since I'm doing a separate sensor. Well, if it's that again later, this concludes our installation of the Oasis Time Server on our next video will install Roos Time sensor.

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AlienVault OSSIM
This course will use AlienVault OSSIM to showcase a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system. A SIEM is used to aggregate logs for all sources in a network, analyze the logs through a correlation engine, and generating alarms on malicious indicators and activity.
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Anthony Isherwood