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Intro: Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity

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Hello and welcome to the introduction toe I T. And cybersecurity Course. My name is Ken. I'll be your instructor for this course in this video, we're gonna talk about any prerequisite you might need to before taking this particular course. Also, give a brief overview of this course and what to expect. And I'll also talk about who I am as your instructor as well. So I have some really, really good news. They're actually no prerequisites for this course is very introductory type. Of course, we're gonna be talking about some different job roles in the I T and cybersecurity realms. So who am I? Well, my name is Kennedy Hill. I'm master instructor at Sai Buri. I hold a graduate degree in cyber security in information assurance. I also hold a couple of industry search, the certified ethical hacker and the computer hacking forensic investigator from EEC Council.

I've got a broad background. So I started out as assists, admin and network admin for a number of years. And then I sprinkled in some analyst work and then moved into more of the pen testing realm as well. And so that's where I've got my security background as well as I t background And I started my T career way, way back in the dot com era, got out of it for a little while to do nursing and medical work in the military, and then went back into it shortly thereafter. And you're seeing a picture of a ninja here because I also practice tactical ninjutsu. That's not actually me in the ninja outfit, but I do practice tactical ninjutsu among some other, uh, combative and martial arts. And I do. I also award an award back in 2019 for Outstanding Educator from SC Media, and there's my LinkedIn if you want to connect with me on there, so who's this course actually intended for it? We're really This is for anyone that's getting an interest in I T. Or cybersecurity. Maybe they're seeing some nudist articles out there or something on the news channel. And you're saying, Well, this cyber security thing they're talking about, there's millions of jobs open, and I really, really want to get into it or Hey, I've always liked technology.

It's time to transition careers or I'm getting out of college and I'm looking for a job so really, That's what this course is targeted for for individuals that are interested in I T. Or Cyber Security, or maybe just kind of curious about it and wondering what kinds of jobs might be out there. It's also for a recruiter. So if you wanna understand what types of roles your staffing for and have a little better idea of them, this course is for you and also for hiring managers. So as you're writing, those job descriptions are looking for talent. This course is to help you understand. If you're not a technical background person, help you understand what types of roles there are, and again, what types of skills might be needed. So with this course, we're gonna be talking about this system administrator or you'll hear me say, sys admin. That job role. We'll talk about network administrator. We'll also talk about in that section.

We'll talk about network engineer, network architect and kind of differences between that and a network admin. We'll also talk about instant responder, and in there we'll talk about stock analyst, which is another career in there. In that realm, we'll talk about pen testing or penetration testing, or sometimes it's called ethical hacking. We'll also talk about Cloud Engineer so we'll talk. About what? That until some of the skills you'll need. We'll talk about cybersecurity manager, and we're gonna blend that and make that kind of a generic one. And we're gonna talk about like, sock manager and privacy manager, etcetera, etcetera. So that'll make a little more sense once we get to that section, and then we'll also talk about privacy analyst, And we'll kind of talk about the privacy realm in general. So what do you get with this course?

Well, there's gonna be a downloadable syllabus and the resource section, so be sure to download that you'll also see on the navigation pane. It'll show you what modules and the names and everything like that so you could easily go through the course. I've also sprinkled in some hands on demonstrations because I want to show you visually what some of the task you might be doing in these different job roles Looks like now it's not gonna include all the task, but I picked out a few tasks that you might be doing in that role. To try to help you determine is that the correct job role for me. So in this video, we just talked about prerequisites again. There are none. So, congratulations on that. We also talked about the general course structure again. We're gonna be talking about some different job roles. Will have some hands on demonstrations sprinkled in there. And then I give you a little bit about my background as your instructor.

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Cybersecurity For Beginners, Introduction to Cyber Security
Are you new to IT & cybersecurity and wondering which role might suit you best? In this cybersecurity for beginners overview, we cover the roles of Network Administrator, Incident Responder, System Administrator, Penetration Tester, Cloud Engineer, Cybersecurity Manager, and Privacy Analyst. Find the role for you in this exciting field.
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Ken Underhill

I'm an Cybersecurity professional who holds both the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) certifications from EC-Council, and am a content reviewer/writer for both exams.