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Google Hacking Database (Demo)

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Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course.

So in this video, we're just going to take a quick look at the Google hacking database.

Ah, lot of times Google hacking is also called Google Dorking, and so you'll see here on the screen that there's some dork said. People have listed out, and they also categorized it based off potentially what you're looking for, right so you can copy and paste these in there. You'll notice there's a lot of pages, though we can just search for ones that are relevant to us. So let's say, for example, we're looking to find some Google dorks around passwords. We could just go ahead and type in the word password and will show us, um, Google dork set currently work.

So depending on how old they are, Google might get smart and block some of these. But if these air more recent ones, they're usually pretty good to use to try to find some information around user names and passwords. You'll see here we have several up here. We can right click on this and find out more information about this particular Google dork, and we can also just copy and paste it into our browsers. Let's go ahead and do that now. All right, So you see, we do get some search results back here. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that when you go to these sites that it's actually gonna have a list of passwords there for you. However, these are potential leads for you.

I will say that you should be doing all of this inside of a virtual machine. I would not recommend it just doing it from, like your home computer or something like that.It's definitely better to do inside a virtual machine, because that way, if one of these sites is dropping malware on you, Uh, least in theory it's gonna be containing that virtual machine inside of the sandbox there, and you won't have to worry about it too much, so just make sure you do that, but again, you just have to go through.

I'm not gonna click on these sites for our example here, but the's air simple ways that you can potentially find list of passwords out there. And there are many list of passwords out there that I found from different organizations, including universities, that you see there's university looks like there. I found a lot of them for universities and other organizations that you wouldn't really want to see a list of their internal passwords listed out there. So Google Dorking is one additional tool in euros it arsenal.

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