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I'm gonna walk you through installing and map, and it's gooey Zen map on the Mac OS. Other than a test scan that ensures and map is working properly, we won't be running any scans just yet. But by the end of this lesson, you should have a fully functioning Mac and map scanning station. Installing and map on the Mac OS is really simple, and there are a couple of ways to do it. In this lesson. I'll walk you through my favorite way to do it. Using the Homebrew package manager. Let's get started. Here are the learning objectives for this lesson. The main focus of this lesson is the lab, which will help you get and map installed on the Mac OS, which is pretty easy. Prior to that, I just want to go over a couple of things regarding and maps origins in UNIX, which is what the current version of the Mac OS is based on.

Then we'll discuss finding, downloading and installing and map from the official and map website. We'll move on to discuss using a package manager called Home Brew, then finally will complete the lesson with a short lab on the actual installation of N Map on A Mac in Theodore's and Matt book. He indicates that end map got its start in Lenox and UNIX based systems back in 1997. Since the Mac OS has been based on UNIX since the introduction of OS X using Intel processors, you can be sure that end map not only runs on a Mac, but it runs very well. Thean map website is and map dot org's and the download page is that and map dot org's quack download. On that page, you'll find some quick and easy installation instructions of and map on a Mac.

The process described is similar to the installation of N map on a PC running Windows. Our lab will walk through a different process, though, because I find this process a little clunky, and it makes the removal of that map a lot more difficult. If you're running or plan to run and map on a Mac, I highly recommend taking a look at the max section of Theodore's book, which I've included as the last bullet point in the slide. If you get stuck and need to troubleshoot, you'll find what you need here. As I mentioned in the learning Objective slide, we'll be using the Homebrew package manager to perform the installation of N map on the Mac OS. However, if you don't want to install home brew and are more comfortable installing and map from a gooey instead of the command line, here's a good process to follow. But go through the lab with me first before deciding which way you want to go. It is your machine, and I want you to feel comfortable doing it the way you think is best similar Toe rpm and D p k G for Lennox. The Mac OS has several options for package management.

One of my favorite package managers for Max is home brew, according to their website, Home Brew is the missing package manager for Mac OS. So what does it? D'oh Well, their website says that home brew installs the stuff you need that Apple didn't it installs packages to their own directory and then Sim links their files into the whack us are wack local, so why use it to me? Its power comes in providing an easy interface for installing and removing software in dependencies located on a remote server from the command line. It is an excellent compliment to the Mac OS and works with almost all the mainstream software repositories. Service's If you want to read more about it before running through its installed with me, go to Doc's dot brew that s age or just give it a shot. I think you'll be glad you did. Okay, so now on to the lab, I think you'll find installing and map on the Mac OS extremely easy. The process of installing it on a Mac is laid out for you in this slide. After running a few commands and waiting for everything to install, we'll run a few simple scans using and map.

And it's gooey Zen map to make sure everything works. Let's get started. Okay. Welcome to the lab on installing and map and Zen map on the Mac os. So first of all, we're gonna install the homebrew package manager. Just go to your terminal and open it up. Make this bigger so you can see it. Okay, Now, the first command is pretty long. So you composite video. If you need to take it down and type of Dan after you typed in that long command, It tells you what it's gonna do and just simply hit, return or enter to continue. Now it's gonna ask you for your password. Just type it in, then. Hit. Enter. This might take a little bit of time. Just be patient. Okay? Now that home brew is installed, we're gonna install w get just that through space installed space. W get space dash dash with dash library SSL and hit. All right, now that that's done, just type brew Space update. Right now, I'm just gonna clear the screen toe, make it a little bit easier to see right now. We're going onto the installed and map and said, Now, we'll just tie brew space, install space and matter. This will go through the process of installing and Matt. All right, they went pretty fast, but it's done. Now I'm gonna clear the screen again.

Now we're gonna install the Zen map gooey interface for Matt Did install. It will take a brute space cask space installed space Zen man, if it asked you for your password, just type it in. It entered a return. Okay, I'm gonna clear the screen again. All right. So now that we have in map pins and map installed, we want to do a little scan to make sure that they're working so well. Do and Matt Space scan me dot and matt dot or ge. All right, If you see these results on your screen or something similar, then you know that and map is functioning on your computer. I'll go and close this terminal window. And now on your Mac, just go to your launcher launchpad. And right there, you could see that Zen map also is installed. I'll open that up once your password again. That pretty much tells you that it is running as a privilege user.

Okay, so up in the upper left hand corner, you see where it says target again. We're gonna use the standard scan me that in math dot org's what you dislike it. That target over to the right next to profile. It says intense scan. We don't wanna do that scan. It takes a little bit too much time. So put the drop down, go down to regular scan, then simply click scan over there in the upper right hand corner of your window. Okay, we have the results. If you see results similar to these, then you know that Zen map and and map are both functioning together and working properly. And that's pretty much it. We're done with this lab.

Thanks a lot for watching. The purpose of this lesson was to download and install and map on the Mac OS. We talked about the origins of and map, and it's used on Max. I provided you with some civil instructions on how to install and map ends and Matt directly from the official and med website. I discussed the use of home brew package manager. Then I walked you through a lab on the installation of an map, pins and map using homebrew on a Mac. You're Max should be ready to go for the rest of this course. Thank you so much for watching and I'll talk to you on the next video

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