Pursuing a Blue-Team Career with Industry-Leading Certifications

Having wanted to become a CISSP for ten years, Henry finally came to Cybrary to take the practice exams. Having a mentor made all the difference, especially in combination with practical skills development.

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Henry is a service delivery analyst for a manufacturing firm. He works directly with customers and engages regularly with information security teams. Wearing so many hats, he needed to boost his practical skill set and his certification portfolio. He came to Cybrary to help him on his journey towards becoming a CISSP, which he went onto pass.

Tell us a bit about your background.

 I’m originally from the Midwest, and I’ve been working in IT in one form or another for around 30 years. I’ve worked at the Notre Dame University in document management, but everywhere I’ve been, I’ve been involved in repairing or maintaining computer networks and systems. I’ve been in my current position as a service delivery analyst for eight years. 


What got you interested in cybersecurity?

 Being primarily involved in service delivery and support, I regularly engage not just with clients, but also with information security teams. I also use tools like Nmap and Wireshark on a daily basis, which are just some of the industry standard tools in the cybersecurity space. As such, I naturally fell into cybersecurity. Developing hands-on security skills and acquiring knowledge of the space was essential for me to be able to walk into interviews and talk intelligently about the subject.


​What were your goals when you joined Cybrary?

 When I came to Cybrary, I had already earned several CompTIA and Microsoft certifications. People have often told me that CISSP is the mother of all tests, so that’s been on my mind for the past 10 years. I know it’s an extremely difficult test, so I decided to take Cybrary’s course to increase my chances of passing – and I did! The combination of professional mentoring and hands-on practice tests really helped me in pursuit of that goal.


​How has Cybrary helped you in your career journey?

 Having a mentor was what made all the difference for me. I found instructor Mark Nilbert’s live courses really helpful, especially together with the career paths and hands-on practical tests. Cybrary helped me keep ahead of the curve, thanks to their capacity to product relevant and up-to-date training content on a regular basis. Compared to my master’s program, which didn’t even mention things like NIST or risk management, this was very valuable.


​What do you like most about Cybrary?

 One of my favorite features of Cybrary is the career paths. I love the way that they put together a traditional series of lecture videos with practical applications of the topics they address. For example, acquiring hands-on skills with tools like Wireshark helps prepare you for interviews and conversations around the practical application of information security. The career paths help you meet your goals by intuitively laying out what you need to learn and in what order.


​What advice would you give to someone new to the field?

 My top advice would be to find a great mentor and a program that will augment you on your journey. None of the tests are cakewalks, so it helps a lot to have someone who can guide you in making informed decisions. My next piece of advice would be to never give up, and never be afraid of asking for help. I’m also a fierce advocate for women in IT, since I believe they bring a unique perspective, so I’d say to any women thinking about getting into the field to go for it and not to be turned off from working in what is still a male-dominated industry.


​What’s next for you?

 I’m going to continue using Cybrary to bolster my practical skills. I’m currently studying for my next certification – the CCSK. I want to keep my career moving, with a view to teaching others about information security as well.

"I love how Cybrary’s career paths include a series of traditional lecture videos, but apply the practical application of the topics covered as well".

Service Delivery Analyst,