Land an IT role as a Digital Field Support Administrator with the help from the Cybrary community

 It was through her peers that Evelyn first learned about Cybrary. In 2019, she decided to join to gain more hands-on experience through the platform. Evelyn was able to leverage what she learned with Cybrary to land an IT Administrator role in the Automation Industry. Evelyn's career ambition is to become a pentester as part of a red team. 

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Evelyn is a self-starter. As a senior at Kennesaw State University, she founded the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), an organization that enables students to learn more about cybersecurity and cybersecurity-related fields.

Please tell us about your background 

 I’m a non-traditional student. I got my GED because high school didn't work for me. At that time, my mom was sick and so I dropped out in order to take care of her.  

 I worked in fast food, retail, the occasional factory job, and really any other job I could get. I did take some classes and earned an Associates degree, but I found it wasn’t going to be enough to help me achieve my career aspirations. So I decided to attend Kennesaw State University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. 

 While at Kennesaw State, I saw that many students shared my interest in cybersecurity and wanted to learn more. So I created ISSA, a student organization catered to those who wish to advance their knowledge of cybersecurity and cybersecurity-related fields. We host demonstrations, capture the flag exercises, and a number of other activities.


What’s so exciting about Cybersecurity?

 My dad passed away when I was five years old. He was always interested in video games and technology, so I pursued those interests to honor him. 

 At a young age, I started studying networking. The more I learned, the more my interest gravitated toward securing networks, which naturally led me to cybersecurity. 

 I come from a small town where technology and IT were not a common focus at school. I didn't have access to extracurricular activities involving computers. So I paved my own path and taught myself. I used Google to find answers to my questions. I took every opportunity to use a computer and borrowed old technology discarded by others, so I could continue to learn. 


​What goals were you trying to achieve before joining Cybrary?  

I feel like everyone wants to be a pentester, myself included. I also wanted to earn my Certified Ethical Hacker and Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certifications, but financially that was out of my reach. 

My primary goal was to get an IT position, so I can gain more experience and save money to invest in myself and attain those certifications.  


​What are the main advantages of using Cybrary?

The labs are awesome! I’ve been able to get hands-on experience I wasn’t able to in school. I only had eight or nine labs the whole semester. For those looking to launch a career in cybersecurity or IT, that’s not enough. 

I enrolled in Cybrary’s [SOC Analyst I]( "SOC Analyst I") career path with the goal of getting the basics down and understanding concepts as opposed to “chasing waterfalls right out the gate.” I found the career path to be helpful and easy to follow.

 I appreciated having access to mentors. Cybrary’s mentors are seasoned professionals, who have been there and done that. They understand where you’re coming from and provide the guidance and support you need. The mentors not only guided my skill development, but also helped me prepare for my job search and interview process. 

 I also found the news articles and links other learners shared in the Slack community to be surprisingly helpful. Having the ability to connect with fellow students about industry trends and news made me feel like I was always the first to know and always up-to-date with what was going on in cybersecurity. 


​How have you benefited from using Cybrary?

 The knowledge and skills I gained with Cybrary helped me to land my first IT role as a Digital Field Support Administrator. Knowing that I have the Cybrary community behind me has been helpful as I continue to learn and advance my career goals. 


What advice would you give someone new to Cybrary?  

 Jump in. Take advantage of all the labs to gain hands-on experience and learn tools. Ask tons of questions and chat it up in the Slack mentor community. The community is there to help you learn, grow, and figure things out. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. 

 Also, be vocal and spread the word about Cybrary. You never know who you might help. 


​What is next for you? 

 My goal is to become a pentester and be part of a red team.

"The knowledge and skills I gained with Cybrary helped me to land my first IT role as a Digital Field Support Administrator. Knowing that I have the Cybrary community behind me has been helpful as I continue to learn and advance my career goals".

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