Building Up the Confidence to Pass CompTIA Security+ Exam

Coming from a background in management, Nashiru wanted to shift his attention to IT, which also meant learning about cybersecurity. Thanks to the Cybrary Scholars Program, he built up the skills and confidence needed to tackle the CompTIA Security+ certification.

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Already having a background in computer application technology, Nashiru wanted to transition into the fast-moving cybersecurity field to enhance his career prospects and advance his IT consultancy business in Ghana. He spent a lot of time exploring the web for the resources that could assist him in the transition from a primarily academic background into the professional space until he found Cybrary.

As soon as he joined Cybrary, Nashiru found that the platform had everything he needed and more – all for an affordable subscription rate. Thanks to the hands-on labs and other learning materials, the platform gave him the confidence to step into the fold. The highly active Cybrary Slack community also helped him get the support and mentorship he needed to address any challenges he encountered.

Transitioning into the cybersecurity space 

Nashiru designs websites for small businesses, and cybersecurity is naturally an integral part of that process. However, many of his clients aren’t fully aware of the risks, and are thus not properly prepared for an attack. To help them better understand these challenges, Nashiru needed to advance his own knowledge in the space. 

Having earned a master’s in computer application technology in China, Nashiru has extensive technical background. He has also made several proposals concerning the use of computers to solve key problems in society, for which he has earned three rewards. His main interests are data analytics and programming. He did his master’s thesis on the role of machine learning in the analysis and detection of malware.

Before he first left Ghana to study abroad in China, Nashiru was studying international trade, but he soon realized he wanted to move into IT. Given that his background was more involved in the management side of things, it was not easy at first to transition into IT. He took numerous courses to learn the fundamentals, during which he started to recognize the fundamental role of cybersecurity in solving some of the most pressing challenges in today’s society.

Nashiru’s first goal was to earn the globally recognized Security+ certification from CompTIA, but he also knew it would take a lot of time and effort to prepare for the demanding exam. At that time, he lacked the confidence to enroll. It was then that he discovered Cybrary thanks to the Scholar’s Program, and this marked the first big step towards achieving his goals.


Preparing for the Security+ exam and more​

Nashiru soon discovered that, not only could Cybrary help him better prepare for the Security+ exam; it also gave him the freedom to study a huge variety of interesting topics in the broader field of information security. 

 After enrolling in the Security+ course and setting up his timetable, Nashiru signed up for the Learning Schedule so that he would receive reminders when it was time to study. This helped him stick to his goals and ultimately complete the course. Moreover, whenever he ran into a challenge, he would turn to Cybrary’s Slack community, which he found highly responsive and caring.

 Now that he’s earned the Security+ certification, Nashiru is already looking at the next big step in his career – earning the CompTIA CySA+ certification. By mid-2022, he hopes to become a full-fledged professional in the cybersecurity space.


​Advice for new students joining Cybrary

Cybersecurity is an undeniably challenging field, and one that is constantly evolving. There is always a need to refresh one’s knowledge, which means it is essential to have access to the most up-to-date learning and training resources. That is why Nashiru recommends Cybrary as the ultimate solution for any beginner looking to jumpstart a career in the space, as well as those wanting to advance their existing knowledge and experience.

"If you are trying to join the fold, don’t give up. If you have the passion, you need to keep going! I would advise anyone going into cybersecurity to hold onto the hope and the belief that this is where you need to be to protect infrastructure all over the world".

Abdul Nasir
IT Consultant and Web Designer,