Prepare Yourself to Pass the CISA Certification Exam

This free CISA exam study guide will help you review the important concepts necessary for passing the CISA certification exam. Questions are organized in multiple-choice format to increase learning retention. Follow along interactively as you review topics such as the three layers for scoring IT performance, the segregation of duties and incident response in this free study guide. Need to go into more depth? Take our CISA course today!

The CISA certification has maintained its hold as a leading cert in information security auditing for a long time. A primary reason for its run of success among the top certifications in the world is the fact that the CISA exam is continually updated, challenging and also, limited access. The exam is typically only held a couple of times per year, registration must be done beforehand, and the day of exam, there is no postponing. Therefore, proper exam preparation is essential.

Cybrary recommends that you first complete the comprehensive CISA course on our site. Once you have completed the course, be ready to dedicate many hours to studying from this free exam prep study guide. Best of luck on your exam!