The Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Is it Real? | Cybrary Limited Series

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"There's not enough cyber talent." "If I train my employees, they'll leave for better jobs." "We need to find a unicorn - only candidates with 30 years of AWS experience should apply." This episode of the Cybrary Podcast is packed with long-debated and controversial topics, from skill gaps in organizations, to upskilling employees, and even misconceptions from management on who should be hired.

Cybrary's Chief Product Officer, Trevor Halstead, and CEO, Ryan Corey sit down with Naomi Buckwalter, Director of Information Security & Privacy at Energage and Ron Gula, President and Co-Founder at Gula Tech Adventures to bring into view mind-blowing stats from Cybrary's newest survey report. Some big hitters touched on by our panelists are diversity (or the lack of it) in cybersecurity, having a skills growth mindset, using cybersecurity as a business enabler, and in a current/post-pandemic world, the criticality of IT and it's role in cybersecurity.

There is so much to unpack in this episode, so jump into the discussion. Download Cybrary's 2020 Skill Gap Research Report here:

Hosted by: Ryan Corey, Naomi Buckwalter, Ron Gula, Trevor Halstead
Length: 41 minutes
Released on: September 23rd, 2020
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