Road to RSA 2020 Ep.03 - Cybrary Community

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In this limited series episode of the Cybrary Podcast we look at RSA 2020 and what goes into planning and having a successful con. Sitting down with Sam from our Content and Community Team we speak about what he is looking to get out of RSA.

Topic: What to get out of RSA
Hosted by: Thomas Horlacher, Sam Pollard
Length: 10 minutes
Released on: February 4th, 2020
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Sam from the CIP community of Cybrary is having some talks in this episode of Road to RSA podcast. Sam is the face for the CIP (Community Insider Pro) and he deals with that in his day-to-day job. Today’s talk is about RSA and Cybrary. RSA was founded 29 years ago, and there are about 45,000 people there, but Sam hasn’t been at RSA yet. He is so excited to be there. Actually he is excited to meet new people introducing themselves to Cybrary, and some existing members of the community. There are going to be some keynote speakers making awesome speeches regarding tech in different areas such as space, law(Democratization of Security), leadership, and more. For the Cybrary (community), Sam plans to do two things at the RSA. He will meet people who are currently using Cybrary talking about their personal stories, how they have improved, how Cybrary helped them connect to their goals, their feedback, and achievements. Another key thing Sam is going to do is to meet new people whether the businesses or the employees to get information about how the security education approach within the next few years or what do the employees tend to learn. Both of these points will help Cybrary develop new up to date educational content, and help users and businesses get the training needed. Sam hasn’t scheduled any meetings with people who are going to be at RSA except for some mentors. However, if you want to set up a meeting with Sam at RSA, the best way to contact Sam is the Slack Community of Cybrary in case you are an Insider Pro. If you are not an Insider Pro, you can go over the website and communicate with the team through the chatbox, so they can make it possible. There will also be a party that Cybrary is cohosting with Digital Shadows on Wednesday night of RSA, and a registration link of it is available at the info section of this video on Youtube. RSA is a great opportunity for all participants and Cybrary as there will be a lot of lessons to learn, potential partnerships to gain and members to attract.