Road to RSA 2020 Ep.03 - Cybrary Community

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In this limited series episode of the Cybrary Podcast we look at RSA 2020 and what goes into planning and having a successful con. Sitting down with Sam from our Content and Community Team we speak about what he is looking to get out of RSA.

Topic: What to get out of RSA
Hosted by: Thomas Horlacher, Sam Pollard
Length: 10 minutes
Released on: February 4th, 2020
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Sam from the CIP community of Cybrary is having some talks in this episode of Road to RSA podcast. Sam is the face for the CIP (Community Insider Pro) and he deals with that in his day-to-day job. Today’s talk is about RSA and Cybrary. RSA was founded 29 years ago, and there are about 45,000 people there, but Sam hasn’t been at RSA yet. He is so excited to be there. Actually he is excited to meet new people introducing themselves to Cybrary, and some existing members of the community. There are going to be some keynote speakers making awesome speeches regarding tech in different areas such as space, law(Democratization of Security), leadership, and more. For the Cybrary (community), Sam plans to do two things at the RSA. He will meet people who are currently using Cybrary talking about their personal stories, how they have improved, how Cybrary helped them connect to their goals, their feedback, and achievements. Another key thing Sam is going to do is to meet new people whether the businesses or the employees to get information about how the security education approach within the next few years or what do the employees tend to learn. Both of these points will help Cybrary develop new up to date educational content, and help users and businesses get the training needed. Sam hasn’t scheduled any meetings with people who are going to be at RSA except for some mentors. However, if you want to set up a meeting with Sam at RSA, the best way to contact Sam is the Slack Community of Cybrary in case you are an Insider Pro. If you are not an Insider Pro, you can go over the website and communicate with the team through the chatbox, so they can make it possible. There will also be a party that Cybrary is cohosting with Digital Shadows on Wednesday night of RSA, and a registration link of it is available at the info section of this video on Youtube. RSA is a great opportunity for all participants and Cybrary as there will be a lot of lessons to learn, potential partnerships to gain and members to attract.


Thomas: Alright, everybody. Welcome back to our Cybrary podcast series road to RSA. Today we are joined with Sam from our CIP community.

Sam: Thank you, Thor, super happy to be here and talk about RSA and all things cyber.

Thomas: Yeah, excited to have you in the studio, man. So yeah, first question. We'll start out. I've been asking everybody, have you been to RSA before?

Sam: RSA. I have not been to RSA before I have heard some awesome things and how it has expanded over its 29 year life span found in 1991 learned that today.

Thomas: Oh.

Sam: But no, I have not been. Really excited though.

Thomas: Yeah. I'm pretty excited. Yeah. I haven't been either, so kind of looking forward to it. I found out in one of our earlier episodes that it's like twice the size of black hat. Which is like, kind of boggles my mind because I mean, blackout last year was the first time I went and there was just people everywhere.

Sam: I think Google this morning said approximately 45,000 folks will be there.

Thomas: Wow.

Sam: Quite a big number.

Thomas: Wow. You're going to be talking to all of them.

Sam: Hopefully a third, a third, kind of benchmark up to what I hope to hit so we'll see.

Thomas: 15,000 that's pretty good. It's a lot of handshakes.

Sam: It's a lot of handshakes you know, this jaw can get going, but, the longevity might be a little difficult. Hopefully I don't lose my voice, you know, day two or day three, can't have that.

Thomas: Yeah, okay. Well being your first year, I mean, what are you excited for? What are you looking forward to doing or seeing while you're there.

Sam: Excited for, other than seeing the beautiful city of San Francisco, I think there are a few things there so not only just being able to meet new people, introduce them to Cybrary, but also some existing folks. We obviously have a big community of people that we work with, whether it be from a free aspect or a paid aspect, you know, insider pros, businesses. There's a lot of folks that I personally have come to know over the last couple of years here at Cybrary, so hopefully being able to put some faces to some names of people I interact with online is definitely exciting. There's also a couple pretty good keynote speakers that are going to be going on so hopefully I can peel away from the booth for a little bit, to, you see a couple of those. I was looking into a number of them, obviously technology leaders in the space talking about different things. One that caught my eye, it was called, I can't remember the specifics, but it talks about the democratization of security and how we should kind of try and switch and put that back into the end-user's hands, yeah. So that was kind of a new concept that I had heard that should be exciting. So I'll be looking forward to that one and a couple others as well.

Thomas: Yeah. Interesting. Yeah like, just because it's, we're starting to get closer I need to kind of look into, you know, what the speakers are going to be and kind of which ones I want to go to you know, there was one that I saw that I can't remember the name of the talk or the name of the person giving the speech, but it's a female astronaut from NASA, that's going to be talking and like anything to deal with space and like somebody who's been there, like I'm all for that. Like, I definitely want to hear what she has to talk about.

Sam: That is pretty awesome. One one other one that I was looking into, I also don't remember, bad with names.

Thomas: Yep.

Sam: the name of the person, the name of the talk. Not sure, but she I believe is an author and also just recently sailed around the world on a sailboat. I think it was a solo mission.

Thomas: Yeah.

Sam: I want to be bold and say that

Thomas: Yeah.

Thomas: Well, cool. As you know, you're the face of our CIP community, you know, our insider pro, you're kind of the only person in our office who kind of deals with them on a day to day basis. You know, what are you looking to get out of the conference and maybe for our community in general? Like what are you looking to see or do, and, you know, maybe meet some people like you were talking about.

Sam: So I think, you know, definitely meeting some exactly. I think it's kind of two parts of it. I think one of the things is meeting people that we know currently, and that kind of goes into helping learn more about their personal story. So with insider pro, people come to the platform for a variety of different reasons. You know, everyone has an end goal in mind of something that they would like to reach. Our job here at Cybrary is we do our best to connect them with that goal of theirs, so help that come to fruition so hearing people's feedback on their journey with Cybrary, you know, education is a big thing and can change lives in a really positive manner. So hearing more about those specifics for people, you know, Hey, I started here and was able to land a new job or get a promotion in, get into a little more detail with that to hopefully better outline how we help people come to those goals, you know, so feedback on, you know, for the first month I did this and then months two through three, I was focusing maybe on these areas and then transition to interview prep or whatever it is. Some more specifics that can help us shape the insider pro experience and then of course help our mentors and leaders just better guide people to whatever their success is. So I think connecting with existing people can definitely help with that and then from a forward thinking perspective you know, I think there's a number of people out there that are thinking about how they want to approach security education in 2020, you know, new decade looking forward and things like that. So getting new ideas of how companies specifically are viewing, you know, security education and that things that they are looking for from a hiring perspective, you know, will really only benefit us as we continue, you know, to shape the product and the content and the education that we provide to more directly align to what those companies are looking for because at the end of the day, you want to prepare people the best you possibly can for them to reach that success with a company that is looking for that so, you know, I think it's looking back and talking to people who are successful and then again, looking forward and talking to businesses that are actively looking to, you know, improve in one way or another and these are all the things that we look for kind of thing.

Thomas: Yeah. I mean, you're in, you know, the perfect spot in Cybrary to kind of see those success stories and see how people have changed and grown and you know, what courses they're taking or how it's kind of helped them and so yeah, being at a conference and being able to meet those people in person and kind of get, you know, direct feedback exactly. You know, what they're looking for, what they used our product for and stuff like that is a great thing. That's one of the things that I really enjoyed about black hat, was meeting some of our actual users face to face. I mean, it's, you know, the people that we talk about constantly all day, but we don't really see them. They're just kind of a, you know, a user ID number or something on our site that, you know, we're going through, but actually making those actual face to face interactions was a lot of fun.

Sam: Yeah. It really makes, you know, the message more powerful because of course we know what we're doing, you know, we know we're in education, but when you can really, you know, talk to someone personally and they're like, look how much I've gained in my personal and professional life from improving myself from education, really just an awesome thing and continues to help, like, you know, gives you a little bit more fight in the game

Thomas: Yeah.

Sam: or motivation to, you know, Hey, let's do the next thing, look out for our users this way, or stuff like that because you know, when you're talking through the computer, it's always great but being able to see that smile on someone's face

Thomas: Yeah

Sam: and hear about the things that they've accomplished, it's awesome so hopefully more and more of that.

Thomas: Yeah, have you already set up meetings with like any people that are going to be at RSA or might be traveling like to the conference or anything?

Sam: But she's also giving a keynote speech, which should be pretty cool.

Thomas: Interesting. Yeah. Like what yeah like what technology do you use? Like how, you know, what do you do if you have to do SOS in the middle of an ocean somewhere? Like, where do you reach out to, what do, you know, what equipment are you bringing, yeah.

Sam: So all those things, and I think it also is a little bit in like leadership and motivation in the space,

Thomas: Yeah.

Sam: Which, you know, someone that can make around the world trip on the ocean

Thomas: By themselves

Sam: Pretty motivated.

Thomas: Yeah, I'd probably follow them to do a lot of things.

Sam: They're in charge.

Sam: So we have actually a couple of our mentors in the community that I believe will be in attendance so a couple of those people that have been in contact with, of course coming by the booth you know, talking not only to us, but, individuals that come by and want to know about Cybrary. So hopefully we have a couple of community members outside of that don't have any like strict business meetings booked, not really what I focus on so I'll let the professionals handle that.

Thomas: Yeah, I know the feeling. It's not, it's not what I'm doing together. So I mean, if people in our community or you know, people looking to want to join our community, is there, what's the best way for them to contact you or maybe see if they can, you know, maybe get some of your time while you're at RSA, if they happen to be attending as well.

Sam: Absolutely so if you are an insider pro you know where to find me on Slack, it's always @Samcybrary, @samcybrary, got a big smile on my profile picture, so you can find me there and then of course, if you're not you know, just come to the site and ping the chat box, the team is always there to answer questions. They have the details about, you know, where we'll be and what we will be doing at RSA. So we're always happy to share that. Those are just a couple of ways to kind of get ahold of us but really when we're on the floor, we should have a bunch of people go in so our presence should be pretty big, hard to miss aàand hopefully we're doing some cool things at RSA, just like we did a black hat.

Thomas: Yeah. I know we have a couple of events that we'll be doing throughout kind of the week. I know we're co-hosting a party with Digital shadows. I believe that's on Wednesday night of RSA so we'll definitely be there. There will be a link to that in the comment or the info section of the YouTube video so you can register there for the party if you want to attend. Me and Sam we'll both be in attendance so you can get some FaceTime with us if you'd like, but, yeah.

Sam: Other than that, again, super excited, stoked for San Francisco and the trip out there and the team and you know, hopefully we come back with a lot of lessons learned and some potential partnerships.

Thomas: Yeah. It should be a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm excited to be there with some new team members. It's also a fun way to just kind of do some team bonding.

Sam: Absolutely.

Thomas: away from the office so very excited for RSA thank you. Thank you, Sam, for being here today. Any closing questions or thoughts or anything?

Sam: Oh, closing questions, no closing questions, but again, you know where to find us, we really hope to connect, all things RSA in Cybrary. Come out and tell us your story. We're always looking to hear the successes of people that have joined Cybrary.

Thomas: Yeah, great. See you guys there.

Sam: Take care.

Thomas: Boom, crushed it.