Melwood and the AbilIT Program

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In this episode of The Cybrary Podcast we hear from Scott Gibson, the Senior Vice President of People and Programs at Melwood. Speaking with Ryan Corey, the CEO of Cybrary, Scott goes into the amazing work that Melwood is doing for people of differing abilities and highlights their AbilIT Program that they have partnered with Cybrary on.

Topic: Highlights the AbilIT Program for people of differing abilities
Hosted by: Ryan Corey, Scott Gibson
Length: 24 minutes
Released on: April 6th, 2020
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Ryan Corey, CEO and CoFounder of Cybrary, gets an opportunity to interview Scott Gibson, SVP of People and Programs from Melwood. Scott talks Ryan about the work Melwood is doing with people of differing abilities and their AbilIT Program that they have partnered with Cybrary on.

Scott tells he works for Melwood for six years now, which was established in 1963, where he runs a human services program. Melwood's mission is advocating for and empowering people of different abilities, helping people figure out a career, and start that. One of Melwood's pre-employment programs is AbilIT.

AbilIT is a program that is building on Melwood's 55 years of experience providing professional development training and workplace readiness training. Melwood coupling it with Cybrary IT curriculum. The goal is that when somebody graduates from the program, they have the know-how to land an entry-level cybersecurity job.

Melwood tries to solve two problems, unemployment and underemployment of people of disability, people of different abilities, including autism, and the entry-level talent shortage for tech talent in the DC Metro area.

Ryan asks Scott to recall how Melwood and Cybrary partnership started. Scott tells us they have run two cohorts and the people were crushing CompTIA certification exams. Scott also shares some success stories of their program participants. He also shares the information that there are needs to expand the program in other parts of the country. They reach out to other nonprofit agencies to share the know-how.

Scott shares the information that the program takes 14 weeks, 4 times a week. The program is free of charge, all you need to commit is time and effort. It is a fantastic program. If you want to know more, check If you are an employer and want to find a solution, or just want to contribute as a volunteer you can drop an email to Scott on