Joe Carson | Now that Everyone’s Home

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In this episode of The Cybrary Podcast we hear from Joseph Carson, the Chief Security Scientist for Thycotic. Speaking with Mike Gruen, Cybrary's VP of Engineering, they talk about WFH best practices and the unique issues that arise when your family is home as well.

Topic: WFH best practices
Hosted by: Mike Gruen, Joseph Carson
Length: 54 minutes
Released on: April 1st, 2020
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In this episode of The Cybrary Podcast, Cybrary's VP of Engineering Mike Gruen is with Joe Carson, the Chief Security Scientist of Thycotic. Having worked remotely for over 15 years, Joe shares the best work from home practices to us amidst the pandemic.

The first thing to consider when working from home is connectivity. Joe addressed some common issues that affect connectivity and security. Joe admits that parenting requires a ton of effort. He and his wife made a schedule that proved to help organize their kids' daily tasks. Joe advised that finding the right work-life balance is essential. Mike and Joe discussed how they communicate with their fellow company members using various video conferencing apps. Joe stressed the need for security when transferring sensitive data. He noticed that IT security professionals are bewildered at this rough time since most of the security controls aren't being implemented. Joe recommended that organizations should provide education and training to employees to enhance their skills. Reading books has become a part of Joe's leisure. He sees this time as an opportunity for self-development. Since the start of the pandemic, Joe noticed an increase in attendance of webinars and podcasts, which he thinks is great. He believes that technology truly helped us to cope up with this pandemic. Mike and Joe shared similar scenarios of how technology helped to teach their kids new skills. Joe shared his experience working as a Desktop Support for the Northern Ireland Ambulance service. He realizes the stress that healthcare workers undergo at these times. Joe is confident that we will find new solutions in the future to deal with these kinds of situations. We will improve ourselves from the lessons learned and be innovative. Mike and Joe ended their talk by thanking all the hardworking individuals of the healthcare services.