Ep.27 Liz Wharton | Airports & Ransomware

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In this episode of the Cybrary Podcast we sit down with Liz Wharton, the Chief of Staff for Scythe. In our conversation Liz goes over the intricacies of running the world's busiest airport from a Cyber perspective as well as what it's like to be on the frontline of a citywide ransomware attack that took place in Atlanta in March 2018.

Hosted by: Liz Wharton
Length: 41 minutes
Released on: July 15th, 2020
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This episode of the Cybrary podcast features Liz Wharton, Chief of staff for Scythe. As a part of her role at Scythe, she works behind the scenes for the cybersecurity team in the Atlanta Airport. Having come from a legal background, she has experience with tech policy and legislation. She describes that airports face the same threats as any other public network.Therefore, it should follow the same protocols. Liz explains that different parts of the airport are collaborative with their cybersecurity efforts among several departments, companies, and agencies. Ideally, security should be kept in mind from inception to project completion.

Liz was on the forefront of the response to the SamSam ransomware attack on the city of Atlanta in March, 2018. She gives her side of the story and discusses some key components of the response. Network segmentation is good practice due to the large size of airports and their network connectivity. Companies need to have their priorities set in the event of a critical incident. Important documents need to be printed out and a catalogue of available resources need to be identified. Liz sheds some light on some of the liability issues in the event of serious cyber incidents. Change to a more secure connected environment will start best at a developmental level. Education is key in the prevention of critical cyber incidents from continually occurring. Liz closes with some best practices and concerns for the future of cybersecurity based on the examples discussed in her experience.