Ep. 23 LaToya Staten | Connected2Tech and Finding Your Role

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In this episode of the Cybrary Podcast, we sit down with LaToya Staten from Connected2Tech. LaToya uses the Cybrary platform to help employers and job seekers in filling the roles that are available. LaToya also works with middle and high school age students to help them gain experience in the IT and Cyber field and showing them what roles are available and how they can attain them.

Hosted by: Thomas Horlacher, LaToya Staten
Length: 46 minutes
Released on: May 13th, 2020
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In this podcast episode, viewers and listeners have the opportunity to learn about LaToya Staten from Connected2Tech and her initiative of helping companies and job-seekers in self-development training for a desired career pathway into cybersecurity and IT. She shares how she uses Cybrary’s platform helps her to assess an individual on their skills in order for her to guide them in their aim for a successful career change, career development, and upskilling into IT and cybersecurity for a company team or for the individual’s own initiative.

LaToya shares inspiring experiences of the people that she helped in the past to make a career change into cybersecurity, guide employers to realize that their existing team has the potential for upskilling in a cybersecurity role, customize an individual’s learning path with the help of Cybrary’s platform to determine their skills, and raising awareness to students and young individuals in middle school and high schools of the needed roles in IT and Cybersecurity industry. At the end of the day, these individuals are guided to becoming marketable great assets to a company.

You are never too late to start something you feel passionate about, and this was proven with one of the people that LaToya had helped in making a career change. Although being offered tons of job opportunities for a role that had great skill to perform, he had a different interest in mind to take on a managerial role in cybersecurity.

Many companies are also starting to see the benefit of retaining employees and training them to upskill to take up IT and cybersecurity roles because they already know the ins and outs of the company and their operations. LaToya not only helps people to fully understand the skill sets needed to be filled in a job role, but she also assesses their weaknesses and strengths to help them know their potential for a fitting role that they can perform well in and enjoy doing.
With the common use of technology in this day and age, young individuals can be led to a technical career path they can be passionate about or constantly using on a daily basis. It is fortunate for young individuals in middle school and high school to have the opportunity to join IT and security workshops and bootcamps to gain the right skills and interest, as well as to help prepare them early on for a potential career path in technology.