Ep. 22 Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

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In this episode of the Cybrary Podcast, we sit down with Solene, the marketing director of Knogin, Cami Ragano, the Senior Director of Enterprise Marketing, Amanda Davi, the Director of Business Development and Danyelle Wilson, the Customer Success Manager all from Cybrary. Together, they discuss the importance of inclusion and diversity in tech, touching on crucial topics like the importance of women having access to mentorship opportunities and how individuals can help promote diversity in the workplace.

Hosted by: Cami Ragano, Amanda Davi, Danyelle Wilson, Solene Gabellec
Length: 33 minutes
Released on: May 6th, 2020
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In this podcast, Cybrary and Knogin representatives share their thoughts and enthusiasm on encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace, especially in empowering more women to lead their career path towards the technical industry. One of which can begin by creating community programs or sessions to influence the ideas and interests of young girls at an early age to consider future plans into the technical field. It is also important to build up women’s confidence to take up more leading job positions in the industry to become a strong and inspiring role model and/or mentor to the future generations of women in tech.

Work environments that lack diversity can be a great challenge for the minorities who feel like they do not have a voice to express their ideas or opinions, and the worst part is the feeling of discrimination due to stereotypical thinking. This is why it is important to have the support and understanding of top level management in a company to bring about change so that at a very early stage, the work environment is nurtured to become a comfortable, acceptable, and diverse culture that enables everyone to feel inclusive and allows individuals to feel empowered to want to achieve great things that could benefit the industry.

Sustaining women in the tech field has also proven to be another challenge because so far there is still a lack of support for women to maintain their top-level profession or for women that still aim to develop themselves in their profession due to commitments that may sometimes cause a struggle in their work-life balance. However, with the continuous awareness and valuable support system of many individuals sharing this cause, it is very exciting to see what the future will bring to instigate this change for more diversity and inclusion in the workplace that greatly impacts women in tech.