Ep. 17 Evan Dornbush | Escalate and The Gamification of Learning

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In this episode of the Cybrary Podcast, we sit down with Evan Dornbush, the CEO of Point3 Security. Speaking with Cybrary's VP of Engineering Mike Gruen and Head of Infrastructure Jonathan Meyers, Evan explains how Point3 is using gamification to help people learn through CTF's and other hands on activities.

Hosted by: Mike Gruen, Jonathan Meyers, Evan Dornbush
Length: 56 minutes
Released on: April 1st, 2020
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In this episode of Cybrary's Podcast, Joining us along with Cybrary's VP of Engineering Mike Gruen and Head of Infrastructure Jonathan Meyers is Evan Dornbusch. Evan Dornbusch is the co-founder and CEO of Point3 security. Evan explains how ESCALATE, Point3's gamified learning ecosystem helps individuals to develop their skills in cybersecurity.

The ESCALATE ecosystem purely consists of hands-on learning content like puzzles, Capture the flags, etc. Every challenge is mapped over the NIST NICE framework which helps the user identify which job titles he/she is qualified for. The common mistake that companies make is hiring the wrong employee since companies are going behind certified employees. The trio discussed how certifications affect the hiring process acting as a gatekeeper. Evan pointed out how Point3 is helping a lot of organizations to hire smarter. Evan also mentioned that he receives handwritten letters from students saying that they've got a good job. Mike added that a lot of people in cybersecurity are driven from the inside and mentioned how he switched from a mechanical engineering background. Jonathan shared that Cybrary receives similar success stories from their students. The trio discussed the potential impact of AI on cybersecurity. Evan highlights how ESCALATE stands out from its competitors by preparing users for not yesterday's attacks but tomorrow's. ESCALATE also provides mentorship to its users. Evan encourages companies to invest in their employees in different ways.

Apart from ESCALATE's gamified learning ecosystem, Point3 also hosts live events, conferences, and more. Point3 security teamed up with Women's Society of Cyberjutsu, WoSec, WomenHackerz, Gatebreachers and together hosted the WomenUniteOverCTF event in November 2019.

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