Ep. 15 Chris Kubecka | The Coronavirus and Best Tech Practices

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In this episode of the Cybrary Podcast we sit down with Chris Kubecka, the CEO of HypaSec. Speaking with Leif Jackson, the VP of Content and Community for Cybrary, Chris explains how the Coronavirus has impacted the industry and describes some of the best security practices for companies to follow.

Hosted by: Leif Jackson, Chris Kubecka
Length: 13 minutes
Released on: March 18th, 2020
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In this podcast episode, Chris Kubeka, CEO of HypaSec, and Leif Jackson, Cybrary VP of Content & Community discuss the global situation caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, how it has affected countries, businesses, and the technology industry, and how individuals can continue to be productive during these challenging times.

The recent pandemic has initiated a necessary shift to the remote environment due to precautionary measures to enforce lockdowns in all countries around the world. This has enabled companies to adapt the work from home (WFH) concept and consider increasing Internet bandwidth speed for business continuity with the aim of allowing workers to carry on with efficiently performing operations even being physically away from the office. A new pathway of opportunity was also created to speed up the development of technologies in order to support the remote environment, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) for industries like manufacturing and logistics, and this will continue to expand further into other industries and areas.

Companies will need to be responsible for ensuring security of their assets as they are being shared over the Internet, while employees or individuals can take the opportunity to start learning basic networking and security courses online and/or continue to gain more technical knowledge from available online resources for training. Also, because of social distancing, it is expected for companies and individuals to have a more virtual online presence as the common method of reaching out to everyone. Therefore, individuals are encouraged to continue getting themselves involved with online events and communities to help keep themselves occupied and productive. Cybrary is both a learning and community platform where many professionals and enthusiasts work together in creating or helping to create learning content, and also have discussions on the latest trends or common interests. The platform continues to grow exponentially with an amazing and supportive community.