Ep. 13 Saul Costa | Data Science with Next Tech

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In this episode of the Cybrary Podcast, we sit down with Saul Costa the founder and CEO of Next Tech. Speaking with Leif Jackson the VP of Content and Community for Cybrary Saul talks about what Next Tech is up to and which programming language he thinks you should learn first.

Hosted by: Leif Jackson, Saul Costa
Length: 27 minutes
Released on: March 4th, 2020
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Leif Jackson, Head of Content and Community of Cybrary, gets an opportunity to interview Saul Costa, Founder, and CEO of NextTech. Saul talks Leif through his experiences in education, data science, and development.

Saul talks about NextTech, which is a startup that was founded by him about five years ago, right after Saul graduated from college. NextTech tries to make it easy for people to get hands-on experience with various tech skills. They focus on skills like data science, machine learning, computer programming, and web development. The way they do it is they provide the students with access to these live coding environments that they can then use directly from the browser. They were building a learning management system that was built for instructors and students. Instructors could log into the product and they could build out an assignment and specify a series of test cases that they wanted to run against the code that their students uploaded. They at NextTech are also building out their content library. They have about 400 hours of content on its website that you can sign up and take.

Saul tells us they are working with Cybrary merger between cybersecurity, data science, and programming. Saul and Leif discuss the changing market as well.

Saul explains how he got into IT and data science which led him to founding NextTech. His way went from QBasic to Ruby on Rails through C++. Saul also shares his experiences with MixRank, where he previously worked for, in data analytics, data engineering, and machine learning.

We also get to know which programming language Saul is suggesting to start with, the recent focus areas of NextTech, the hot topics in the content library, how you could become a data scientist, coding bootcamps, the importance of experience, and some other interesting topics.

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