Ep. 8 Cory Siskind | Global Workforce in the Cartel Era

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In This episode of the Cybrary Podcast we sit down with Cory Siskind the CEO of Base Operations with Ryan Corey the CEO of Cybrary and Mike Gruen the CISO of Cybrary. Cory talks about Base Operations and how the company is working to help secure your global workforce.

Hosted by: Ryan Corey, Mike Gruen, Cory Siskind
Length: 32 minutes
Released on: January 29th, 2020
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In this podcast, Cybrary’s CEO and VP of Engineering/CISO is joined by the CEO and founder of Base Operations, Cory Siskind. She takes listeners on a journey of how her company came to be from an idea that sparked inspiration and the emergence of continuous potential offers and support to kick-start her vision. The development of her product enabled companies to monitor and track the safety of their employees, such as determining the safest route for travel to a destination and/or avoiding areas during a certain time or day where there are potentially high crime rates detected in specific areas. As Cybrary shares their own journey in the industry with Cory, she also shares her experiences as a geopolitical risk analyst and a management consultant, before becoming an entrepreneur for her current and early-stage company, Base Operations, and the opportunities she was exposed around in order to deliver a marketable product.

Cory also dives into the technical features of her product and planned future developments. Her product is able to gather multiple sources of online data and aggregate them into creating useful information that can be customizable for clients on what they want to see in their user profile. These information are displayed on a GUI dashboard, and she shares how her team and herself continue to design and optimize their product in a way that the clients will want to use it for mining useful information regarding the safety of their employees. She shares her work in-progress and initiative of considering the UI elements in her product to help counteract the challenges of too much information prompting an individual’s scare factor. Cory also shares other aspects that are currently in the works, such as establishing partnerships with other relevant parties like insurance companies in order to enhance employee safety further in the event of a crisis.