Ep. 7 Jim Kowatch | Infosec learning and the growing EDU space

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In this episode of the Cybrary Podcast, we sit down with Jim Kowatch the founder and President of infosec learning, a virtual lab platform that has focused on the EDU space. Joined by Cybrarys CEO Ryan Corey and Chief Product Officer Trevor Halstead Jim explains how infosec learning got started in the education sector and the changes they are helping to make.

Hosted by: Ryan Corey, Trevor Halstead, Jim Kowatch
Length: 29 minutes
Released on: January 22nd, 2020
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In this episode of Cybrary podcast, we have Jim Kowatch, President at InfoSec Learning, Ryan Corey, CEO and Co-founder of the Cybrary, and Trevor Halstead, CPO of the Cybrary talking about the Information Security and what Jim has been doing through all this time working in this industry.

Jim is the founder of InfoSec, founded in 2011, who has been working in the business of higher education for almost 15 years. He had already worked for about 6.5 years at Pearson Education, and then he left to build his own business. He came up with the idea of founding InfoSec Learning after interviewing 200 members of the faculties, some folks in governments, and hiring managers as he states. Then he built the initial design and shared the idea with others, he got a lot of nos, though. But, he kept working on it. According to Jim InfoSec Learning’s goal is to provide Cyber Information Security training to companies, schools, organizations and its core goal is to provide services to the customers and take away the burden from them. During all this time in InfoSec Learning, the outcomes are working with 150 schools and businesses, industry certificates on hands-on skills, virtual labs focusing on different aspects of InfoSec, and some custom works based on the customers' needs. One of the custom works, for example, is a project where a company wanted to screen their applicants and evaluate their skills, so they can get to the interview which they build an incredible tool for that. He, then, speaks about the latest works they have done. The initial one is a dashboard designed for instructors that have a spectacular capability to track every user who wants to capture the flag, get the time limit, and verifies the result. This tool enables the instructors to pinpoint the mistakes each user has and help them specifically in that aspect. The second new thing is the challenge arena which is just like a game having the scoreboard, tracking system, and automated stuff. It is just a fair play of the red team, blue team, which is fun and educational. Jim says he and his team are always seeking a new idea, they are regularly asking their customers what new features they want, or what should be done as an example, to build the fastest and the best product out there helping people in the educational aspect.

The speeches end with the news of InfoSec services’ integration with Cybrary and the contact of InfoSec Learning. InfoSec Learning team is about to publish a new website of themselves, but they can be contacted through and will normally send out a response within 24 hours.