Ep.06 - Cybrary on The Road 01 - Joe Loomis | CEO of Cybersponse

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In this episode of the Cybrary Podcast, we sit down with Ryan Corey the Co-Founder and CEO of Cybrary as he speaks with Joe Loomis the Founder and CEO of Cybersponse as they discuss the IRC (Incident Response Consortium).

Hosted by: Ryan Corey, Joe Loomis
Length: 7 minutes
Released on: January 15th, 2020
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Ryan Corey, co-founder and CEO of Cybrary, speaks with Joe Loomis, the founder and CEO of CyberSponse, to discuss the IRC (Incident Response Consortium) at Blackhat 2019. IRC focuses on Incident Response, Security Operations and Remediation Processes, concentrating on Best Practices, Playbooks, Runbooks and Product Connectors. In building its growing community of over a thousand people, the IRC provides open source playbooks, runbooks and response plans for the industry community to use. The collaborative community created by the IRC is aimed at advancing education and collaboration. Joe Loomis describes IRC’s upcoming two day free Incident Response Conference in Arlington, VA, on Sept. 5 and 6, 2019, and encourages people to join the IRC.

Ryan Corey discusses how IRC’s mission aligns with Cybrary’s mission: to educate people about incident response and cybersecurity. In last year’s Incident Response conference, speakers talked about threat intelligence and incident response, and this year’s conference will also cover speakers talking about how to apply the MITRE attack framework in order to help defeat adversaries. The conference will also feature competitions on both days, and be hands-on. Participants can get on products and tools to get hands on experience.

The IRC Consortium is about communicating with everybody in cybersecurity defense and about training and educating, as we can't fight this fight without good operators. It’s also about the people coming out of college that really want to make a break into the cybersecurity space, to make them aware of job openings, and to get them familiar with the industry itself.

The IRC focuses today around the MITRE Attack framework: learning about how the Attack framework works and how the adversaries use it, and then how to actually learn the framework so that you can counter the adversary itself. There are a lot of MITRE Attacks statements, a lot of products, a lot of demonstrations, and a lot of explanations around certain types of APTS and threats that are out there and how to use the MITRE Attack Framework in order to be able to educate, learn and defend.