Ep. 4 Casey Ellis | Bugcrowd and Responsible Disclosures

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In this episode of the Cybrary Podcast, we sit down with Casey Ellis the Founder and CTO of Bugcrowd. Speaking with Cybrarys VP of Engineering Mike Gruen, Casey explains how Bugcrowd is a community for creating feedback loops between people who think differently and how the term responsible disclosure got its name.

Hosted by: Mike Gruen, Casey Ellis
Length: 59 minutes
Released on: January 3rd, 2020
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Mike Gruen, VP of engineering of Cybrary and Casey Ellis, founder chairman and CTO of Bugcrowd have a candid chat about their experiences and thoughts on Pen testing, DevSecOps and also Casey shares his career transition from an IT apprenticeship to Entrepreneur of Bugcrowd.

Casey talks about his curiosity, interests and moral code from a young age, and different experiences which made him an Entrepreneur after bailing out from university and finding an IT apprenticeship which gave path to his interest in Pen testing then to Sales and Solutions Architecture. His mix of different experiences made him found Bugcrowd. He also shares how the idea of bug bounty program starts appealing and the drawbacks during a meeting at Melbourne and how he thought to level it off and kicked off the bug bounty program.

Mike shares his thoughts on the SQL injection attacks on Cybrary. Casey agrees up on the hostility and shares how the attacks are ever changing. They also talk about the bugs found and how to use feedback to make appropriate changes. Casey speaks about bug bashes or life hacking events which are conducted by them where they bring all the skilled talents to one table.

Mike also shares his experience of a Developer, Engineer and learning from black hat sessions also how he did DDoS unknowingly in his campus during his college days. They both share their stories and thoughts on DevSecOps, attack surface management and vulnerability disclosure programs. Mike excitedly announces that Cybrary is being part of the responsible disclosure program. He also shares how Cybrary is trying to enable people by providing labs and environment to learn from a safe space.

If you are interested to listen more about the journey of Casey and want to hear about the upcoming trends in the Pen testing world, don’t forget to hear the fun-filled discussion between Mike and Casey.