Ep. 1 Ron Gula | Gula Tech Adventures and Investing Best Practices

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In this episode of the Cybrary Podcast, we are happy to welcome Ron Gula. Joined by Cybrarys own CEO Ryan Corey and President Ralph Sita. Ron Gula is the co-founder and former CEO of Tenable who now runs Gula Tech Adventures, an investment firm that focuses on cyber companies including Cybrary.

Hosted by: Ryan Corey, Ralph Sita, Ron Gula
Length: 46 minutes
Released on: January 3rd, 2020
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Ryan Corey and Ralph Sita, co-founders of Cybrary, get an opportunity to interview Ron Gula, Gula Tech Adventures co-founder, former Tenable co-founder, and CEO, and Cybrary investor and board member. Ron talks Ryan and Ralph through his experiences as a tech, a business leader, and now an investor.

Ron's journey covers start-up development, fundraising, building relationships with investment stakeholders, and investment deals and flows. Ron has a unique insight into tech start-ups and uses this to support the next generation of start-ups globally, with a specific focus on cyber in the Mid-Atlantic region. His experience with creating new ideas, executing them technically, and bringing business leaders on-board lets Ron really connect with his technical audience. This mix of technical and business experience seems to be one of the keys to Ron's success in both the start-up and investment industries.

Ron shares with Ryan and Ralph his 5-slide PowerPoint for pitching to investors, and tips on what he looks for when investing. Issues such as the qualities he looks for in founders and the common mistakes he sees start-ups making when looking for A-series investors are just some of the topics that are covered. The trio discusses, in-depth, investments Gula Tech Adventures is currently making in the cybersecurity space. Ryan and Ralph share some interesting developments for Cybrary. Ron addresses why he has invested in Cybrary, the cyber skills gap, and how Cybrary fits into the picture.

If market trends in cybersecurity start-ups or tips from successful entrepreneurs for any stage of your start-up journey make you tick, tune in now to hear the open discussion between Ron, Ryan, and Ralph.

You can reach out to Ron on Twitter (@RonGula), or LinkedIn (Ron Gula). Or if you want to get in contact with Gula Tech Adventures about investing, you can send an email to