401 Access Denied Podcast Ep. 8 | International Cyber Warfare: How Real is the Threat? Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of our international cyber warfare episode with special guest Josh Lospinoso. We continue with the discussion of zero-day vulnerabilities - including when to keep, use, and responsibly disclose them. In this episode, we’ll get into the ethical and legal challenges that need to be considered in cyber war operations.

Hosted by: Josh Lospinoso, Mike Gruen, Joseph Carson
Length: 35 minutes
Released on: August 12th, 2020
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This is the second episode of international cyber warfare. In this 2-part episode on the international cyber warfare of 401 Access Denied Podcast, join Joseph Carson from Thycotic, Mike Gruen from Cybrary, and special guest Josh Lospinoso, former Cyber Officer of the US Army as they discuss various issues such as zero-day vulnerabilities, responsible disclosure, ethical and legal challenges, how to recognize cyber misconduct as an act of war, what it takes to connect the dots and identify the right attackers as modern tools make attacking methods more difficult to identify and defend against.